Password protected route

Is there a way to make a scene ‘password protected’? Basically, I want the player to find clues to enter the correct word in a text input.

Yes. You can use input_text to prompt the player to enter the password in a variable, then you use an if statement to check if the password is correct.


Like @quartz said.

Create a variable called password

Then at the point you want the player to use the password just put something like this(obviously using whatever spacing format you use - sorry on my phone so can’t format it quick and I’m about to head out.)

*create password ""

[in scene]
You find the door hidden in the painting, when you go to turn the handle it doesn't open. Instead, you hear a voice in your mind whispering password...
*input_text password
*goto check

*label check
*if (password= "correct")
    *goto pass
    *goto fail

*label pass
That was correct.
*goto secret_scene

*label fail
You were wrong.
*goto fail_scene

Very helpful, thank you!

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