Passing automated random test with entered variables

Hi all,
I’m pretty sure I saw this posted really recently but I can’t seem to find where on the search. Short question is that I’m finishing up a game that has a number of places where the player needs to enter the correct variable to continue with the game (riddle answers). When I random test, I have the answer under a *comment to allow it to pass, but obviously I can’t submit a game that has the answers pre-entered.

Can I submit a game that doesn’t pass random test due to this (and just let the COG staff know the lines to take out the *comment on if they need to test it themselves?) Or is there a non-complicated way of coding it to pass only under random test conditions so it doesn’t mess up the game in general play?

Thanks :slight_smile:

*if choice_randomtest
 (do stuff)

Huh, that easy? Thanks @Carlos.R, I’ll give it a go :slight_smile: