hey guys im trying to write a book, it should have six books in total. Now im sitting on chapter one, how many pages aka words should i write per chapter?

the cover of the first book
Edit: I’m just writing for fun aka free time


I would say however many are required to properly express and then conclude your ideas for a given chapter. In general, though, it might be a safe bet to have at least more than three or four pages per chapter – any less than that seems unusually short and abrupt, in my opinion as a reader.

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I personally go by words more so than pages, but some of my favorite games have 10+ pages per chapter.

To make one, Wayhaven has around 15 or more pages in its first chapter alone.

Of course it also should be taken into consideration how many pages it takes to get the story across. It could be more, it could be less.

A very short chapter is 2,000 words, and a very long chapter is 20,000. There are literally thousands of exceptions, as well. I think there are two things you should do first before asking about chapter lengths, however:

  1. Present yourself well. You’re on a writing forum discussing a book you want to write. Make at least a cursory attempt at proper spelling, capitalisation, grammar, and punctuation.
  2. You’re worrying about the wrong things. You want this to be a six book series, and you’re already asking about the wordcount of the first chapter as though you want to get it over with as soon as possible.

Writing a book is a massive undertaking. It’s common to take 3 or more years to write a full book, especially if it’s in the epic fantasy genre. That means, for a six book series, it would not be unusual to take 18 years to write them all. Judging by your inexperience, I’m guessing that you’re not even 18 years old yourself. You do not actually want to write a six book epic.

I recommend taking the cool moments you’re daydreaming about in your head and turning them into short stories. Make it a collection, even. Go wild. The most critical thing you can do right now is get more experience under your belt of writing.


Advice from someone who had (notice the past tense) grandeur ideas of writing a three-book series!

If it’s your first time writing and coding, don’t start with a mindset that you absolutely must get six books out. That’s not to put you down or anything, but getting a finished game out there is not just writing action scenes or placing a few choices. There’s a massive amount of code, variables, branching, and possibly other code that takes its time, and the overall learning curve is going to be a huge project for a book, be it 50k or 100k words in total.

On another note, personally I balance somewhere between 8,000 to 15,000 words (without code) per chapter, depending on if it’s more filler, action, or dialogue heavy. But start small, get a feeling for the game you’re creating. Fall in love with the world you’re writing, and you’ll have the willpower and passion to learn the intricate coding systems.

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