How many characters (or words) do you think that a page from a WIP must have?

How many characters (or words) do you think that a page from a WIP must have?

I’m developing a WIP, I already made a sketch of it a while ago but now that I’m starting to write the first page of it (I started doing hours ago) this question came to me, and yes, I know there are exceptions but, what is your opinion? thanks in advance!

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Hm, I thought CoG had guidelines for this, but all I’m finding right now is that the game must be at least 30,000 words to be submitted as a Hosted Game. Not finding anything about per page.


I think they mean as a demo?

Usually people say 300 words max in between choices, but I have gone over that limit on more than one ocassion. Frankly, I say do whatever seems to flow best with the story.

You must have exactly 310 words on every page. At 311 your reader will be bored and at 309 they will think you are lazy. You must follow these guidelines religiously or you will never sell a single copy.


Oh, I didn’t realize A Kiss from Death had never sold a single copy.

A Kiss from Death has exactly 310 words on every single page. No exceptions. Don’t believe me? Buy a copy and see for yourself. :wink:


Clearly not, as startup.txt has 7039.

call me greedy but more than 3


As a reader, ideally each screen has not so many words that would force me to scroll in my laptop.

As for a minimum, I think that depends on the pacing and suspense and whatnot. A good way to build suspense and increase the impact of wham lines, for example, is to have them isolated on the screen, sort of one-click-away cliffhangers.

My reader side tend to be easily bored when there’s long walls of text regardless of the suspense - and whatnot - So I usually just scroll down skipping lots of text just to get faster to the “Next button” (That’s if I really am interested in that book otherwise I just stop entirely reading at the first wall of text.) That is to say short, clear and concise pages are my favorites.

Enough to establish the basic setting, premise, and introduce characters, but without being an exposition dump. Reading a wall of text is bad enough on a larger computer monitor, let alone a phone/tablet screen.