Chapter's length

Hello! I was wondering how many character does an average chapter for a Hosted Game should have. Does that include the coding characters too?

Some games have 10k with code per chapter, some have 50k iirc.

There’s no rule on a minimum so… handle it how you see it fit best


You can play with chapter length!

Just like with traditional books, shorter chapters have the effect of quickening the tempo, and may tempt readers to “read just one more” before going to bed. It’s the Pringles approach. This might work really well for thrillers especially! Also romance!

Longer chapters might be a good fit for classic fantasy, historical fiction, etc. But it’s really up to you how to play with chapters.

A few CoGs/HGs stand out in my head where I thought they used chapter pacing well; including Moreytown and the Samurai of Hyuga series.


In my games, each chapter is just a mini story, so it depends on what story is being told there. Although the lengths can vary a lot, I usually try to make them a minimum of 10k. Most of them are about 15k, and I’ve had a few get up to the 45k mark.


My chapters are about 40,000 words each, but each one is a self-contained little story of a relationship with a beginning/middle/end. I keep promising myself they’ll be shorter next time but they never are.