Outline help?

If I am going to write an outline for my game any ideas on how should that be done?

Beginning, middle and end :stuck_out_tongue:

I describe every scene in detail, what’s happening and why, describe each choice and its consequences etc.

The best way I’ve found is to have the outline contain each scene you plan, all right after each other, and then under each scene write out details about which characters will be in it, and what major choices will be made. So:

Ted and Suzy do battle with Ronald Reagan.
Player can choose: Save Reagan, Help kill Reagan.
if: reagan dead – The player does such and such
if: reagan alive – The player does blah and blah.

And so on.

The idea is that you need to have the most important information right there when you need it, so you know what you try to aim at when you’re writing. For example, if you don’t know what your major choices and their effects are ahead of time, writing the later parts of the story will be hard to do well. You can always fill in details later, but a main story arc is a lot harder to write on the fly.

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awesome thanks! that was a lot of help

I use a basic flowchart, though I actually don’t end up following it very closely. It’s more for a general story direction than anything else.

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