OUROBOROS (WIP) [Updated 12th June 2023] [NEW! discord + tumblr + patreon]

Very well written, i can’t wait to see how this story unfolds. I did find a couple grammar errors.

They both shoud be capitalized

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@HauteOte and also @yb_minhee because I forgot to reply about it before! That plotpoint with Y will come a bit later in the story, when the capital of Oakwerth and the Serpent clergy gets involved. I can’t say more than that :stuck_out_tongue:

Also Haute, thank you so much for noticing that. The choices when you meet Y after the stubborn path should def be looked over. I have completely missed the horrendous mangling of non-binary pronouns. My apologies!
Re: choosing RO’s gender, it is on my todo list, but I have lots of things that I need to fix before I implement it. It will be a choice though! I’m so happy you enjoyed the demo :>

@lai Ugh, hearteyes for dayys! My evil plans are working! :smiling_imp:

@Radiantbliss I love both of them so I can’t answer that, I’m torn as well :joy: Agh, thanks for noticing that. I seemed to have missed that whole choice when it came to polishing. My bad! Will fix. I released the demo at 4 in the morning and my eyes were crossing at that point lmao, I’m sure I missed heaps of stuff :woozy_face:

@SpanishBrEaD Hell yeah I’m so happy you think so! I checked out the game Etrian Odyssey, if thats what you meant? It looks cool!

@K_T Oh, thank you! Both for your compliment and for noticing that. Will fix.

Also, @Frieza , I forgot to answer you re: body-types on your post: yes! I can absolutely add and “average” as a body-type. Thank you for the suggestion :>


This all looks very promising. I’m looking forward to what you’ll deliver here


love your story but on this page, a character hasn’t name or last name.:slightly_smiling_face:

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Sounds interesting

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Any and all references to bloodborne are seen, appreciated, and encouraged.


I’m already in love with this premisse considered me hooked <3


@Midnight_Sloth Ack thank you so much :smiley: I’m excited to share more!

@rialta Aa thank you!! I missed that whole choice in my quality pass. My apologies! Will fix :slight_smile: thank you for bringing it to my attention!

@Harley_Robin_Evans I’m so glad you think so! :smiley:

@Bluebunny9 >:3 Well I can tell that you have great taste! Hell yeah!

@FelixFurryKing :’) that makes me so happy. Thank you so much for taking the time to comment <3


Can you use magic

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If we pick L as past lover, did we automatically in L route or can we still enter the others RO routes? :thinking:

I plan to make my MC that has already move on from L because they think that there is no way that L is still alive.


@Custodes Yeah, that’s the plan! :smiley:

@NecroSun No, it’s not automatic RO-lock but it will lead to different flavor-text regarding your past. :>

This is one of the ‘routes’ I have planned for. Excited to see what you think when it’s time :smiley:


How powerful is mc

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AOT vibes. Imma wait on the weapons and RO introductions before reading, but I am interested.

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@Custodes Hmm, not sure how to answer that. MC is a knowledgeable hunter that has gone through a lot of training, but can be a bit rusty. And then it depends on what ‘class’ you play as – that choice will come with the next major update. I have no plan on making MC overpowered, but they can definitely hold their own if you choose to. Thanks for your comment!

@Dahariel ooo AOT! I’m excited for you to try it! There are RO intro’s in the story already, but there will be some one-on-one time in the next major update. :smiley:


This WIP is already S tier. It’s okay to save some of the epic juice for a second draft cleanup; you’ve more than established your intent for how the story you’d like to tell will go. :wink:

Info about my MC:

So because you made playing as a human MC cool again–seriously, that’s an impressive feat when you also offered equally cool fantasy race options–my MC is a smol (okay, more like 5’5" but that’s considered short for a man, tbf) human healer, who has not moved on at all, a d blames himself for pretty much everything he didn’t have any power over. What happened to his team, what happened to Id, what happened to his patients that got swallowed by the ravine that destroyed his clinic… :persevere:

All of it is his fault, and he won’t be told otherwise without some serious convincing from those who might see there’s something really wrong here. His personal oath was ‘to protect everyone’ which means he failed miserably. :smiling_face_with_tear:

Now, Oma doesn’t deserve any flak for being a little slow to finding this note in a bottle, so by no means will anything cycle back to her. But as for the rest?

My MC, after fighting every step of the way to not being back in town, wants nothing to do with the potential implications that letter presents. If L’s been alive this whole time, what could be more important than coming home to let everyone know you’re okay? 200 years have passed, and my MC really cared about his best friend. So the possibility exists (in character, as far as my MC is concerned) that L could still be dead, and everyone is dragging him out of isolation just to make him face that possibility. He doesn’t want anything to do with that. He’s been in mouring for 200 years; ripping open the scabbed over scar after all this time is something he doesn’t want to do. So you can bet he’ll be making every possible escape attempt allowed before he has a permanent watch dog, and child locks on everything to keep him from getting away. :sweat_smile:

Sorry for the wait for me to post! :sweat_smile:


S-tier you say! swoons into another dimension
I can’t tell you how excited this makes me! Thank you :>

Your MC

UGH I’m so happy I succeeded in that, I really want humans to be cool! :smiley: And smol healer is forever living in my heart, rent free and doted upon. I hope he gets the catharsis he looks for further on because damn, that’s rough :sob: (I was shocked and appalled when I wrote that about the clinic, but I had to keep it because it made me so sad lmao.)

:') I can’t wait for you to read the rest of the story, s’all I’m gonna say. :>

Re: Oma, you’re so right :stuck_out_tongue: And yess, that whole viewpoint is SO valid imo, when MC has worked so hard to forget and move past it, and knowing L that they would definitely do as you say, that coming home would be a priority, this whole ordeal is just a gift that keeps on giving (horrible, terrible gifts of pain lol)

I’m super excited to write in more reluctant options so that you can live out your MC’s temper to the fullest :smiley:

This makes me so happy I’m feeling like a golden retriever. Thank you so much for sharing your thoughts and your MC with me :')
Your post was right on time as I’m sitting down to write, and it will sit close to heart as I work <3


Getting strong Aot meets lovecraft meets darkwood. The writing so far is superb and the ros feel well suited to this damaged mc character.


Great wip, I’ve saved it in my bookmarks, so I can keep an eye on it :eye:


Not been this excited for a wip in a long time. I can definitely tell this has a great deal of world building in it that we have yet to see the true depth of.


Interesting concept

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