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Oh, fun to see you around again :smiley: I love your feedback, it is truly helping me making a better story, so thank you :>

With the way you argument for it as well, it is a great addition in my opinion, I can see how the other options box you in a certain stance on the matter and won’t allow for any other opinions/viewpoints, which goes against the whole philosophy of the choices I try to implement. Well spotted! It’s going straight into my editor-notes.

:smirk: have fun! <3

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A few samples from the tumblr post of what I have been working on for tomorrow. Interconnected, but in different paths. And the tags of the post, because they give a slight status update:


I’m sorry for not reformatting the post here, but I am bone-tired. I really want to get this update out tomorrow, so that’s where my energy is going. But until then, I hope you are doing well and breathing easy. See you soon :heart:


can you romance idren even if you told him you wished he had died instead of leith?


Hm, well. I doubt that one instance of heightened emotions, and spilled over despair is a deal breaker. Just don’t make being a verbally abusive jerk a thing™, and it should be okay, probably.



Maybe?(✿◠‿◠) If you’re ready to fight it out first, I think. Id won’t let that go so easily.

@LadyUmbreon89 very much, just so! There is always a chance of worsening the relationship, sending you both down a spiraling, dark path. What MC and ID share today is almost a sacred thing, one that can be wielded. They just have to realize it. I shan’t say more :joy:


Oh, Idren/Ida, you’re a grumpy cinnamon bun :kissing:


Off-topic: If you get an anon ask (and tumblr doesn’t eat it) about a game called Empyrion, just know that was me, and I hope you had a good laugh. :face_with_hand_over_mouth:

Sorta on topic, I kinda want to have my MC flapping a hand fan at ID, and to inform them if they ask that “I’m trying to make you go somewhere else” because being a little petty with them is still fun, even if you don’t actually mean it.


@Oooo , that’s putting it lightly :joy:

@LadyUmbreon89 lmao! I laughed at it this afternoon, huddled in a hallway and damn near frozen solid from the blizzard outside. It was just what I needed :face_holding_back_tears:

There’ll be plenty of opportunities for petty behavior :> And plenty of sass back from Id. It is a very wholesome relationship, no? :joy:


Ouroboros: The first year in development (+small update!)

On this day, a year from now, I sat in the stark light from my monitors, eyes bloodshot and hands trembling; and I clicked the post button. I then choked my pc to death and ran away screaming, scrambling into the corner of the couch on all fours, hissing at every shadow (only one of those statements is a lie).

It was 4 am and I had been scrambling to get the last details of the demo correct, mumbling to myself and reasoning with my dog. I was so happy to be writing again, after years of piddling around with lackluster projects. I never thought Ouro would be welcomed as it was, and to be honest, the fact that it was scared the living shit out of me. After the hype settled, and I sat watching the continuous stream of support that poured my way, I kind of crumbled. There was a long and dirty road of clawing myself out of self-doubt, impostor syndrome and perfectionism. Some part of me knew it was coming, since its very on par with how I am shaped as a person (sopping wet pathetic meow meow), but after climbing many hills on my ongoing healing journey, I felt like I was prepared for it.

Writing Ouroboros went from fun little sidequest to get my mind off becoming a sturdy part of society again (exhausting), to another workload, to form of therapy, then torture and back again. My writing journal is amusing to scroll through:

Things went from bad to…


until the storm finally weakened. Every entry in my journal from this point gets progressively more hopeful, more resilient against the bad days.

:> This was around the point where I decided I wouldn’t give up, come hell or high water. The progress was slow, like bleeding stone and pulling teeth, but it was moving. By the turn of the new year I was battered and bruised, but still hopeful. And I know that this, these emotions that I went through, were way out of proportion for a hobby writing project, but with every ask that came through telling me about your MC’s budding journey in Ouro, every gushing emotion you’ve shared with me, every gleaming piece of art, every kind word; every correcting one, too, this grew to something really precious to me. I wouldn’t give it up for anything, even if it feels like I’m barely keeping my head above surface in this terrifying, stormy sea of a life.

I can’t wait to see what comes next, even if the road is bumpy. All I know is that I will keep chipping away at this story with everything I got. And all I can say is that I’m so grateful for your continued support and patience, I barely have words for it. You are incredible. Thank you.

Now, enough of my bleeding heart. Get over here! I have some treats to share.

Mainly, it is the little update to the demo that I’d like to share; Idren/Ida’s 101. I did my best to finish it today, but I only had an hour or two of effective worktime (excuse: I was outside for most of the day in bloody blizzard and it knocked me on my ass more than I’d like to admit). It is cut off at the different scene transitions, which I will add after I have some time to work on them this saturday. Id’s 101 was the most complex out of all of them, so there is still plenty to explore and different outcomes to see. I hope you have fun!

To see it, go through Lena’s scene and don’t scream → accept alliance → visit archives. That will take you to the new content. CW for very emotionally charged arguments and… almost dying.

Save often. (or wait until next week as I sadly couldn’t finish everything on time for the anniversary) (I have done bare minimum playtesting, but I will fix any gamebreaking errors if there are any, immediately. There shouldn’t be any, but you never know.)

A sneakpeek of the short I also will be working on on saturday:

It is sunny on the day of $!{leith}'s funeral. It is not supposed to be sunny. It is supposed to rain on bad days, and the wind is supposed to whip dry leaves into dancing columns. Thunder is supposed to rumble in the distance, and then right near so that the even the windows rattle with trepidation. But it doesn’t. The sun lounges calmly on the perfectly still water of Riven’s lake, glittering with winking light as the serene waves lick the edge of the populated harbor. There is chatter, too, not the moaning whispers of grieving people. Not a sob to be heard, but the flutter of a laugh and a joyous embrace of lovers right in front of you.

“People have forgotten, the sacrifice we made.” Lyselin stands in full knight-hunter armor beside you, the silver gleaming in the stark light.

And some art of F!Leith that I have started:

:heart: That’s it. Know that I’m working as hard as I can (both on Ouro, and learning how to balance work around it, lmao.), even if I fall short sometimes, there ain’t no quitting. See you soon!


I love it ! I really hope to see the new update soon !

I have a question ! I saw an option about polyamourous relationship with Idren and Leith and ! How can we do it ? I wasn’t able to choose it…


It’s an option in the flashback, I think.


you have to be in a romance with L and flirty with I then when in the messhall in the flashback don’t go with Leith but go with the other option. There is someone I want to talk to/I saw a familiar face(something like that) then you will interact with I chose the flirt options again and before you part ways the option should pop up


Really love that we get to see more of the depth in Id and mc’s relationship that we’ve heard about a lot on the blog throughout all the options in the new update- the “I’ve always seen you” line in particular killed me :'(. Also really liked that we get to learn how a lot of Id’s resentment in the poly route is centred around our hunter leaving them behind, and not just what happened to Id’s body because of them.


This book is absolutely stunning. Came across it on dashingdon just today, and I’m so interested to see where this goes. Brings me the same enjoyment as CoG classics like the wayhaven chronicles and evertree inn. Keep this story GOING. please


@Gwenstn :> This makes me so happy I can’t!!! Say much!! I can’t wait to show you the intricacies of their relationship as I see them, and with your comment it really feels like I’m at the right path at the very least! Thank you :]

Id has so many hangups on how the hunter reacted to the whole ordeal of the second coming, (what I’m calling the day of L’s death and the intensifying of the beasts attempts to breach Riven). What happened to them physically ranks very low. I’ll share something that is in the same realm of context that I have been happily writing for some time, although it isn’t as forthright as the passages in the latest update, the subtext speaks volumes on how Id operates after this painful ordeal. (And a lot on Auryn too, but it is very hidden and not something easily understood without all the knowledge I sit on as the writer :joy:)

In my view Id struggles a lot with self-worth as they lost the ability to be a provider of safety and became something unstable, something to be wary of, and that imprinted on them to a very significant degree. In Id’s head, the fact that MC went back to their home was a clear-as-day precaution that should have been taken long ago, for MC’s sake. Id might have even pushed for it with their general assholery (something I want to make evident in later chapters and not just tumblr shenanigans) but never said out loud because they were torn between doing what’s right/best for the circumstance, and selfishly didn’t want to be alone with what they were going through. I don’t even know how best to describe it without giving the full story, and since it’s only one fifth of the stories that I want to tell in equal measure, it is slow going and very cryptic, but your post speaks to it in a way I really wanted to address. It’s made me giddy six ways from sunday, or however the americans say it. :>

@Clear Gosh :flushed: That’s quite the compliment! Thank you kindly :> (And I am doing my very best to keep the story going through thick and thin. While I don’t write full-time, it is an aspiration!) Whatever happens in the future, it is a story I very much want to tell, however long it takes. Hope to see you there, at the finish line! :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:


Hi! I just got done with my first play through of the demo and I’m in love, especially with the writing style.

Can you tell me what scene the demo is supposed to end on and if you’re supposed to be able to choose your own skin-tone before then because when I got to the ‘Play Again’ screen, there was still a dash beside it instead of a value.

(Once again this game is amazing and I was son engrossed I had a physical reaction when it ended because there wasn’t more. Thank you for sharing this.)

ETA: the Bloodborne references in Oakwerth are also fun to catch.

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:flushed: Thank you for your kind words!

The endings are a maze at this point, ha. I tried to condense it for you.

So, it will end on all conditions if you decide to scream at any point during the meeting with Lena, but if you don’t you proceed to wake up after the sedation and leave your quarters. Next endings are if you go for any other option than the

#I’ll have a look through the Archives, see if I find anything there.

which takes you to Idren/Ida’s 101, where the endings are:

  1. if you eavesdrop and decide to leave, in the next scene when Lyselin asks “Why did you decide to come down here?”


  1. if you eavesdrop and decide to reveal yourself, and fight, the first choice after Lyselin breaks you two up still have their own scenes but, only

#I grit out, “Get off me.

leads to only id leaving and MC staying behind with Lyselin, in which case see #1 (though it is a slightly different scene)

  1. If you reveal yourself immediately, the scene is fairly short and ends at the first choice unless you pick either

#“I am here for Lys. Not you. Do you mind?” (You need to be friends with Lyselin for this one)


#I shrug. “Nothing. Just like hearing you growl, I suppose. Sounds like a purring kitten.”

which, somewhat jarringly still, brings you into a Lyselin scene.

  1. If you choose to fight id from the get-go, you will end up in a scene with Lyselin where #1 still applies.

As for skin-tone, that has only been chosen for L (past lover/friend), either by you or the preset. MC’s skin tone isn’t in a story-choice yet, but I think you can change it in the built-in character settings on the stat-pages. (I haven’t checked, though.)

Hope that helps! :>

This makes me so motivated and happy, it makes sharing worth it. Thank you!! :>
And I have so many more BB references to tuck in between the pages, hehe :smirk: So glad they are appreciated!


Been getting jiggy with it on tumblr, thought I’d share here too.
A small slice of some visuals…
[a minimal drawing of Oma lurking in the river, surrounded by strange flora]

[a minimal drawing of the hunter kayaking, a large serpent-like beast looming beneath the surface]

And, something I have been wanting to include for a long time but was too chickenshit to do. Well, no longer. :smiling_imp:


Hope you are doing well :sparkling_heart:


Very interesting concept of a game. I will say that the pacing of the story is quite slow and that the story has a lot of purple prose which makes it hard to read and understand as conversations and descriptions are needlessly long and doesn’t get to the point, everything is too complex and should be reduced tbh. I don’t think those who aren’t native speakers of English will understand this game too, even I struggle to read it as a native speaker as there are long paragraphs of purple prose.

The concept is unique and interesting for a fantasy world, quite original which I appreciate and the customizable romance interest is a new concept which I enjoy for sure.

I also like the addition of explicit scenes that aren’t available in other games, thats new and enjoyable.

I will say that it has some mistakes with pronouns as I chose my ROs as all women and sometimes the game refers to them as using him or he for some reason, also I am sad that a sarcastic annoying MC is not possible lol. Another thing I would appreciate is for the ROs descriptions to be in the stats screen in future updates as fantasy characters can be hard to remember.

Keep up the good work, I enjoy this WIP already, kind of hard to read but I’m trying lol


That would be nice, most ROs have such unique traits that it becomes hard to remember them all.