Other Languages

Is there any way to incorporate other languages? Like have Java or C# within my game?

Using the *script command you can implement regular Javascript, but doing so would make it unlikely said game would get published by CoG.

Most of the usefulness of ChoiceScript is that it has all the features it really needs already. To quote dfabulich’s tutorial pages, advanced features usually “add complexity without adding much value.”

If you really want to make custom features you might be better off using something like Ren’Py, Unity, or maybe Quest (http://textadventures.co.uk/)

I see, I was hoping to incorporate a map that showed my character’s current position based on the choices made

would that not be feasible with just several *if statements and *images?

I would have to redraw my character’s position on every map, but yes, that is feasible

Is there any way I can test a certain section or scene without having to replay the entire game?

i’m curious, what kind of map would be be, exactly, and what scale/format? in terms of complexity. grid-based ascii is easier to work with than more complicated imagery, and would require a less complicated workflow, but you’d need to keep a few things in mind to keep it consistent. an actual drawing would depend on the scale and style, and also on how much distance you’re wanting to cover.

also, absolutely–just type in *goto whatever scene you want to replay at the beginning of your game. that’s the easiest way i know how.

I think a grid ascii map is a great idea, as long as it kept it’s format. thanks for the tip. Now i just need to figure out how to make a ascii map…