Opinion about interspecies relationship

Yet about my game, Battle for Eurialle, what do you guys think about relationships, are you guys ok with interspecies spicy scenes? Because i tried to run away from the cliche alien character that is just a human taller and with green or gray skin and weird eyes and hair… The other two races are like:

•Murkan: Bipedal reptilians possessing long, thin arms and legs, an elongated slender body resembling snakes with limbs, scaly skin that varies in color, and a long tail that always touches the ground despite their height they have two genders despite being able to switch sex when necessary and this makes them very open to relationships with any gender however their traditions are strictly against interspecies relationships so you would have to build a solid bond before convincing them to break their rules.

•Sirenians: Humanoids with three fingers on each limb, a big head with two eyes on the front and two eyes on the sides and no mouth or nostrils, a skin varying in shades of purple, they are monogender and their mouth is a small retractable probocite located between the thorax and abdomen, they’re able to speak through telepathy despite being difficult to communicate with other species, although they always use female pronouns and names they are open to all genders despite having a scientific interest in the male gender that does not exist in their culture.


Well, I’m not a biologist to say this, take it as my speculation but here it goes. I think that an attractive point between species even if they are not human is if they are mammals of some kind or at least one of their biological attributes is like that of human mammals.

And what exactly is being monogender? I had never heard that term before. And because of the description of the second species, I have to think, are you sure that there will be no problem if they have physical relations with human beings? (You know, that both can satisfy each other and not exclusively, as well as having erogenous zones so that the hypothetical couples you want to form can stimulate each other)

The murkan seem feasible to me because like a shapeshifter, he may be able to change his biological sex and perhaps his physical attributes.

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How do they breathe? Through skin? Or do they have gills? Photosynthesis? Something else?

Not the author, but I believe it means the species only has one gender?

There’s no such thing as “monogender.” Gender is a system of categorization. If there aren’t at least two categories, there are no categories at all.

Also, please consider that a genderless society isn’t necessarily sexless. A species in which individuals are anatomically male or female, but that has absolutely no relevance to how they live their lives outside of the act of reproduction, would be genderless. I can’t tell whether you mean the Sirenians to be sexless or not. If they reproduce in some way that doesn’t involve a genetic contribution from partners of two distinct anatomical types, they’re not “all female,” they’re sexless.


Ah, I thought it was something like what plants do when they reproduce.

Not all plants reproduce the same way. Some reproduce asexually. Some plants are hermaphroditic (they have both male and female parts), while some plant species consist of male and female individuals.


As long as there’s sentience, mutual consent, and some thought given to why and how “spice” would work for species that didn’t evolve to be sexually stimulated (at all, or) by each other? Sure. I’ll probably be writing my own in the sci fi I’ve got in mind to write when I’m done with XoR.


I don’t mean to be rude but this is science fiction fantasy, anything can happen and exist within the genre.

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Sapience. The distinction is very important here. (Sentience means any degree of consciousness whatsoever. Sapience is the ability to reason.)


I am all for it, as long as they can consent, express that consent in an understandable manner and are not a minor in terms of their species then I’d say it’s all good?


refer to the Harkness Test:
“Does this character have human intelligence (or greater)?”
“Can it talk or otherwise communicate with language?”,
“Is it of sexual maturity for its species?”


These aliens sound cool, but I don’t think I’d want to romances one of them. Their too alien, at least for me. The elongated limbs and the mouth on the torso… it’s just too much, you know. I totally get why you’d want to avoid the cliché. But I think if you want ROs to be these species, you should turn it down a notch. And think about why those cliches are popular, and what about them have merit. You can pull from tropes without copying them


I’m ok with interspecies. It all comes down to attraction in the end and some of these descriptions do not sound attractive to me.

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Well, I, for one, would totally smooch a snake/lizard-like alien if given the opportunity :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:


So… is it confirmed that the Murkan are hermaphrodites and the Sirenians reproduce asexually among their kind? (Because in the second case I think that as they interacted with other alien species they began to evolve in the way their biology, along with their entire cultural and social worldview interacted with others different from them outside of their home planet)

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For me, I tend to gloss over the descriptions of the characters and instead focus on how well they are written. So, you can make the most butt ugly alien man who puts the fear of god into the general public by existing as an eldritch abomination, but if he is fleshed out with a great history and personality, then I 10/10 will smash.


Something about this thread title made me really nervous to click on it at work.


I also don’t mind the idea of romancing alien/“monster” species, whether it involves sex or not. One interesting challenge in writing such relationships is accommodating for needs and biology. If the Murkans are cold-blooded for instance, it could mean they will need help with maintaining body temperature in some environments. (I’m sure that’s already a fic prompt somewhere, lol.)

One question, do the Sirenians reproduce through parthenogenesis? That’s what comes to mind when I read their description, with the species being all female. I would say it’s plausible in any case as a few animals are known to do this.


Insert Kuzco “Bring it on” meme here.

My opinion has always been if the species is intelligent and both parties consent then what’s the harm?


This is all from a personal perspective but in general I’d totally be down to romance and engage in physical activity with non human entities, even those who are very distinctly different from humans.

On the physical side, to be able to “sell” the spicy scene, the author would have to take into account physical differences and inexperience with other anatomy. This is mainly my general thoughts on possibly explicit scenes. For instance, your Murkan, not having relationships with other species (and it sounds like that’s a major point with their character) would likely lead to some uncertainties when it comes to finally physically engaging, there is different anatomy involved and a lack of past experience (both personal and as part of general knowledge to draw on). In the case of the Sirenians, you’d have to take into account the noticeable limitations of their anatomy, you only have three fingers on each hand to work with and you’d have to consider how kissing and other mouth related activitys would work with their probocite. Essentially, if I’m going to do someone distinctly non human, I’d prefer consistency in how it works mechanically with differing physiologies. It doesn’t have to be extremely detailed, just taking into consideration how intimacy would differ because of those traits.