Opening Choice of Kung Fu in Chrome

How do you force Choice of Kung Fu to open in Chrome, instead of in a separate window with no menu bar?

The reason I ask is because the app’s text size is fixed, and currently it’s small enough to annoy my eyes, and I can’t see any way to alter the zoom.

I don’t own Choice of Kung Fu. You can zoom in on chrome with ctrl+ and zoom out with ctrl- does that help any?

Doesn’t work.

Ugh that sucks. If you can get someone who also owns the game to share the direct link. I don’t own the game so this link might be wrong but try chrome-extension://ajcifecegmchchkgalbljngdodccialh/index.html

I own it, buuuut, I don’t know how to get to the link, because it opens in a new window without an address bar.

Maybe adjusting chrome default font size will change it?

@FairyGodfeather: Chrome blocks it whenever I try that, but that particular file can be opened in Firefox.


That’s very odd. Ha! I didn’t even know I could play the chrome games in firefox. That’s great to know.