Ongoing CS Projects


I am! I’m about 200K words deep at this point, and about halfway through my outline. I was originally hoping to be done in July or so. Now I’ll be happy if I’m done by the end of August/early September. It was a weird feeling blowing past the word count of Midsummer.

I think the hardest thing for me is writing when I’m feeling down. It’s hard for me to get into a place where I can be funny and light, which is the tone that I try to hit when I write. The odd thing is that I put on that social mask all the time when I teach. I just zip on my teaching mask, so to speak, and go teach and be bouncy and chipper. But with writing–I don’t know. That’s somehow harder. I can’t as easily do that, and I’m not sure I would want to.


I keep telling myself that I will update twice a month( I lied) but I never get around to actually finishing what I need to because of many other ideas I have. The way I get around it is, write out a small thing of what is on my mind, and then save it until I know I can dedicate time to it. Right now I’m putting off romance and gender variables because I don’t wanna do the work, but this weekend imma be kicking my butt into gear. It’s all the matter of willpower.


When I wrote Trial of the Demon Hunter, that was the only one I worked one. Then when I wrote Captive of Fortune, I was also working on Colonising Kepler 62e: Paradox. Now I haven’t written anything in like 7 months but I have several different WIPS. When I start writing again, I’ll be focusing on the third volume of Demons Among Men (Foundation of Nightmares) for the Cog contest, but I also have varying amounts of work done for Kepler, Journey of the Chess Master, and Winter of the Bovine.

Long story short, you’re not alone. However, I do recommend working on only one, or maybe two, stories at a time. It will help you see the fruits of your labor much easier and it’s more gratifying.


I’m currently only working on one WIP (the just renamed 2117: Highway Wars), though I have a semi-abandoned WIP (the Nebula) that I’ll return to one day. I’m trying as much as possible not to start any other WIPs (Tokyo Wizard really made me lose concentration on the other two, having 3 at same time is too confusing). I’m using the CS Comp as an extra motivation to finish Highway Wars before April (wishful thinking…), as I want my month of May completely free to start a new game!


I’ve got two main ones at the moment: sea maiden and draconic challenges, (as well as 1 semi-abandoned wip and a whole lot of short outlines and demos in storage which may never see the light of day) but I only really work on one at a time. If I’m feeling bogged down, I’ll move to the other wip but I really do try to stick to one where possible otherwise I’d never finish anything.