One Thousand Blooms — (ON HIATUS)

I haven’t been able to play the game. Been getting Dropbox error. Please fix it, would really love to try this game out :slightly_frowning_face:

Dropbox is handing out a 401 error currently.

I think she’d be aware of that after two exactly the same messages :expressionless:

@justme, @eunicegirl and @LordOfLA Until this link is fixed you could probably check out the competition version instead. It’s missing some pieces that were included in this version, but it should give you a good idea of what the game is about.

Edit: And @rialta


Thanks! :slight_smile:

The game so far is really good but it seams familiar somehow but still a good game.

Mnmm, yes. Tragedy. After a series of unfortunate events, quite apt. Lovely still, and… appetizing. A few more take, revenge a taste more exquisite each time. Give a sip, a whisper through lips, an explosion of bitter, a caress of sweet (Mm, to both, dear Maetthere.) Yes. Vengeance would be… tantalizing.

The Purple Desire is lovely. I hope more of what you’ve in store for us.


Yes, I’m aware that I have taken down the link of the game :disappointed: I am not happy with it; at all. I recently got the judges’ reviews/opinions/comments, and I’m disheartened. To put it bluntly; I’m hating it right now. And it’s not a good thing, to dislike so much something that I have written. Like, even with the help of poor @alliebee, who helped me with a lot of my English mistakes, the game didn’t make it up to people’s expectations: it’s freaking buggy and the way it’s written is lacking. The pacing or something else is wrong, or the “show, don’t tell” is not done well; I didn’t get sh*t for the actual style of the text, but as I said, it’s lacking in a lot of aspects.

@matt_smith I guess it’s kinda familiar to you because it may remind you of “Affairs of the Court”? I don’t know, that’s the only CoG game that I can think of that may have some similar elements…

@ab2wus hahaha, I loved your comment: it’s wonderful :blush:

Sadly right now my side project has been kicked to the curb; I don’t feel up to carry on with it, because it’s depressing. Like, I got much better feedback for the Freakhouse, even though it’s far from everyone’s cup of tea. I’m not saying that people is hating on the game right now (your comments are very sweet!), but I’m totally and absolutely crushed.


:cry: I’m sorry that the judges’ comments made you feel that way. I personally enjoyed the story a lot, but yeah, there were some problems because there was a chunk of code missing.

I sincerely hope you’ll get back to this project sooner or later, because it has a lot of potential, but until then, good luck with whatever else you decide to do in the mean time.


I’d embrace you if I could, you’re such a cutie :wink:

Maybe just give it a tweek here there, add a few things; it’s a project to look forward to, I believe.

Awful thoughts. Give break, and have wine :wine_glass: (err, or whatever you prefer to drink)

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:open_mouth: why? i dont think your game is that bad , there are games already selling in cog and hosted games that are less interesting and in my honest judgment of much more low quality both in writting and lacking of content, remember that us readers/customers are the one who will buy it and you already have 41 likes counting myself ;), so keep you head up :+1:


Same which is a shame because it sounds like my kind of game

Dang, this game had potential. I actually liked it a lot. This game got my blood boiling for revenge :smile:.
I hope you’ll continue this game eventually, if at all.


Hey, I actually really enjoyed what you had so far, aside from a few grammar and spelling mistakes it was really well done, I loved the depth of the character creation. I hope you continue it one day!


Then the judges need their heads testing. I actually question at least one of their winning choices. CoG sells games under both brands that aren’t as entertaining and interesting as your demo here.

Grammar/Spelling can be fixed. Code bugs can be fixed. There’s even a tool called quicktest that should alert you to most of them.

I think you should press on with this.


Their game was great but we should probably give them a break from talking about it so they can focus on the new one and get their thoughts straighten out.

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@Lycoris That’s really disappointing. The game might have had issues, but it was a great story and I was excited to see where you were going with it. You shouldn’t let what the judges say bother you too much.


I am sad to hear this, because I do like the story and premise. The feed-back I gave was meant to show you ways to improve an hopefully inspire you work. I have to say this again, member our feedback is our opinions, with all opinions take it with a grain of salt. As I said in my evaluation this one was one of the better ones that I liked a lot. And if you look at the scoring 5 points from winners circle and says a lot in itself. This is a damn fine piece of work, and I do hope you will continue it one day.



I find critical feedback absolutely devastating.

I remember after the contest I entered, I couldn’t bear to have my entry online and I pulled all the links to it. I’d these grand dreams of fixing all the flaws and bugs in the game, and finishing things, but those ended up coming to nothing. (I suspect the month break while the game was judged didn’t help and broke my flow.) So, I can say I understand some of what you’re feeling.

I’d say read the good comments on this thread and the people who liked your game. Forget about the negatives. The contest is extremely tough. It pushes you to your limits, and the most important thing is you actually managed to finish. You did better than almost everyone else who said they’d enter and then didn’t. :slight_smile: That is such a huge achievement.

I’m sure you learned things when working on a game in such a short space of time too. Keep hold of those lessons.

Of course it’s lacking. You wrote it in a month. That’s hardly any time at all. Some of the games on the site have taken years to be written, and are still being worked on. And you took one month.

If you don’t want to finish the game don’t. You don’t need to. Take a break from it if it helps. There’s a thread full of people here who’re invested in your writing though.


Let’s not be critical of the judges and their decisions. They all dedicated a substantial amount of their free time into judging all of the games, expecting absolutely nothing in return.

No. Your story so far is so interesting. I read choice of romance also but to me it similar but yet not so similar. Choice of romance more similar to the other boleyn girl. Your story so far given the vibe of romantic bitter sweet experience different from choice of romance. In which I am looking foward for how you will write it. I can images MC will be broken emotional by a lot of aspect due to social status etc etc into driving MC in doing certian cruel decision in life. Pls don’t get discourage. Looking forward for you to get better.

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