One Thousand Blooms — (ON HIATUS)

The Story

[Formerly also known as “The Purple Desire”] One Thousand Blooms is a character driven game. And there are secrets. And intrigues. And murder.

It follows the player, the sole heir(ess) of a disgraced noble, Datura Nightshade, from their birth to whichever path they take; they can climb the social ladder, shame their family even further, or break all of The Society rules.

You can rise to power, discover all of The Society secrets, what really happened with the Old World and who are The Peers of the Realm, or be just another pawn in the greater scheme of things; the choice is yours.

The game: One Thousand Blooms <---- Use Chrome, not Firefox!


i cant wait to see where this goes, good luck ! :slight_smile:


I love love the detailed character appearance, this is honestly the first game where I feel like I was actually able to be my own ethnicity.

I did find an error, just for your knowledge right after you choose what gender(s) you like, a Chapter_1 line 128: invalid indent, expected 6, was 5_ error

I liked how you did the different color and fades but even so, personally it began to give me a slight headache and I don’t know how others will take it.

But anyway this game was amazing and I’m so excited for it, I really want to know where this goes.


I nearly lost my shit when you said all your files of this game were lost. :sob: I’m glad to find out everything’s all right. :relieved:

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I love the character development so far! Can’t wait for you to continue working on it :slight_smile:

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@Lycoris i loved it :heart_eyes:


I really enjoyed this game it was written very well can’t wait to see here it goes.


got this error when i played

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There is some error when I chose whether or not I want to wear the watch but overall the story is really interesting and curious so couldn’t wait to see the whole story. Also, I really love the fact you actually give us the choice to choose what to wear in the party and there are a lot of choices so thank you.

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Woooooooo! I like it! You’re doing a great job with it.:yum:

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This is the only error I’ve found so far. So keep up the good work and I can’t wait to read more

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It good I like it and the error is what the person comment at the top of my comment

I’m really loving the game so far, especially the amount of personalization. However, when my character was at the coming-of-age ball, I wore the green princess gown but the game reacted as if I had wore a purple one and said that I was “acting arrogantly”.

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I found this while I was being dumped by the sister.

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I’m glad you decided to post this. I still want to see your circus complete its act but this is another fine WiP to pursue. So many great authors in this community.

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I love the writing style and the portayal of the characters!
I’m really loving it and I’m really excited for you continuing it! :blush:


Encountered a bug in chapter 1 after choosing that I loathed the idea of marriage to what’s-his-name :smiley:

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Alright, thank you very much for all the bugs and errors! :grin: My, I can’t believe there are so many, I’m a failure at coding :disappointed_relieved:

@ToxicDreams the color/fade mod is only for the CSComp version: if I ever want to publish this game propery, I’ll have to remove all mods :disappointed: But thanks for the observation! :blush:

@tmmanques thanks for the bug! And yup, I wanted to give the player the opportunity to pick what they wanted to wear (after all not everyone has the same taste!), so I did my homework on suits and dresses :wink:

@Zolataya thanks for your kind words! :blush: This is more of a side project for when I’m in the mood of tragedy and heart break (I love drama and I totally can’t write fluffy things that don’t hurt) , so I won’t abandon the Freakhouse :smile:

@LordOfLA the name is Maetthere :wink: I fell in love with it because it was a mouthful!

OMG😱 can’t believe its this intriguing. Nice job. I am officially hooked and looking foward for next up date. Keep it up.

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I played through once without any problems but when I tried to open it again I got a Dropbox 401 error. But, great game!