On the Run: Rogue Heroes—Awaken your powers and save your friends!

Better to send the screenshot to support@choiceofgames.com.

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Ah, yes. Good thing I got distracted and started replaying the chapter…

I bought this game and while I do like it, i am so lost on the stats….I wish there were descriptions or something of what each stat does. Like the first choice I chose to throw the basketball at the intruder and that somehow raises the grace stat??? How is lobbing a basketball at someone considered graceful?! And on another note, what am I doing wrong with alex :pleading_face: i never get the lock in(?) prompt for him but I do with the other ROs even though i friend zone them every time;;;;;;;; still really like the game though lol…


Maybe it takes a certain amount of refinement to be able to hit what you’re aiming at? I guarantee that if I tried to lob a basketball at an intruder, I would either toss it so lamely I might as well have just dropped it, or hurl it in the wrong direction with enough force to bounce back and nail me in the head.

As for the ROs, several people have reported something going wrong with the romance in the end, especially with Alex and/or Knockout. Maybe people can look out for that in the future and take screenshots? It could be a coding error.


Congratulations for the release

For Alex’s romance path spoilers:

be completely honest towards him from the very start

go with him to get tacos while waiting for Siobhan and choose the flirty “friend’s w benifits” option

when in Siobhans van and confronted by Bubbles, dont immediately save her and then prioritize checking in on Alex . Afterward, choose the flirty option presented to you again (its smth about a second date idk)

At this point you should be at a decently high relationship w him, take every option to check in on him/be kind to him after and you should be at +/- 60% before endgame

when removing the chip from his arm choose the last option “ill help you because i love you!” Since that locks in his path

Enjoy the epilogue w him

in my epilogue i stayed w the uprising w him, but it said he “doesn’t fit in too well”, maybe he’d be happier at the other town he came from idk


thank you!! i think maybe it was my own fault because i was doing everything you said EXCEPT picking the bolder flirt options(like the friends with benefits one) because i was playing a more introverted MC and those choices didn’t align with the character i wanted to play. so i guess you just have to choose every single flirt option when they’re presented bc the choice to confess showed in my second play through after doing that :face_with_hand_over_mouth:

Okay about the Alex and Knockout epilogues

In one run i had Alex at +/-60% and Knockout at significantly less [30 - 40%] and things went fine – i got my romance epilogue with Alex, and Knockout told me he was going to stick around [it was a pretty short 1 page segment and he just flew away afterwards, i wasn’t presented any extra dialogue options w him]

In another run i had them both at around the same % [both were +/- 60% , though Alex was higher]. Knockout had a longer epilogue and i had dialogue choices to reassure him that i wanted him to come with me, but my romance proceeded just fine w Alex.

I think Knockout just stays with you irrespective of romance or not, from what ive seen, with a few flavour text changes depending on your % with him

On another note, is it possible to reach 100% (or atleast above 70) in any stats? In all my runs i generally chose similar options but my stats seemed to be all over the place. Sometimes my skills all cap at 47, other times one skill is sitting at 50+ and the rest are lagging behind, one time i had my wit at like 70+ and my other stats were chilling in the low pits of +/-20%

don’t think so :sweat_smile::joy:

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Is there somewhere I can get more info on the romance options before playing? Cause it seems like being bi presets them to different genders, and while I’d love to play a bi character, I wanna make sure the RO I’d wanna pursue is the gender I’d want them to be if I do that.

What specifically do you want to know?

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Just like the general type of info that you’d find in like a character bio, and then obviously which gender they end up as if you play as a bi MC.
The problem as it currently is, I have 0 info on the ROs, besides the three word descriptions the game description gives, or what gender they’ll be, so I worry that I’ll end up several chapters in and be like “Oh actually I would’ve liked this RO if they were a girl” or " like this RO, but I think I’d like them more as a guy," and have to restart and then make my character just into guys or girls.

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If your character is bi (or ace), Micah is a guy, Knockout is a girl, and Alex is nonbinary.

Micah is your longtime friend (and possible ex) who is good-natured and has a passion for gardening.

Alex is a runaway who gets by as a pickpocket and con artist. They’re slick and audacious and well-connected.

Knockout is a superpowered vigilante with a lot of positivity and enthusiasm.

I’ve played only once (without romancing anyone), and it’s a much more plot-driven than character-driven game, so that’s about as much detail as I can go into (without getting into spoilers). Maybe someone else can fill out the character descriptions a little more.


Thanks for the info, I think thats enough to go on, (though sadly it seems I’ll have to play as not bi).
But if anyone else has more to share, ill still gladly hear it.

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Okay so i’m confused… I got a good relationship with Alex(67%) yet nothing pointed to romance- not even any choices to flirt at any point in the story. So I’m lost lol. Did I miss something? or did I do something wrong?

Because I only got romance choices once for each Micah and KO. Never once with Alex. All his interactions were platonic for me.

Hm, just looked through the thread, I guess it’s not just me.

for some reason when i try to play the demo on the choices website it stay stuck showing the author name and thats it. Don’t know if its a bug from the website or is it a problem from my end?

Try clearing your cache. It happens sometimes.

how do i do that?