OFNA: Birds of a Feather (WIP - Updated 8/09/22)

Photography or somebody else’s art? I’d like to see those birdies try to send you a copyright claim. They don’t have hands.


Photography! But some of the poses are very close to the references and I think I would need to tweak them more for it to be truly original work


Just a nitpick and honest question, but shouldn’t the starling’s beak be less bent? They’re more straight on the ones I see.

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Oh, yes, I totally see that now! I am but a simple data analyst in real life, so I’m sure there are many mess ups in the art :sweat_smile:

I made a note, I’ll fix it in a final version (or hire an artist to do it right). Thanks!


Didnt think I would pick so many resistant options but none of these peeps are doing a good job at making me want to trust them lol

Great game so far

Sad I cant RO Natasha tho (literally only because her name is natasha and I keep thinking of the black widow and im a hoe lol but other wise great game)


Glad you’re enjoying the game so far! I’m hoping to post an update within the next few days, though it will probably end up breaking any previous saves you all may have :grimacing: (FYI to everyone!)

Do you mean you’re uninterested in Natasha because you don’t trust her character? She is an RO, but I get that she’s not a “real” option to some players due to the way her character is introduced

I’m hoping that some MCs will grow a little more comfortable with the problematic ROs (Elliot, Natasha, Jeremy) by the time the romances get going. None of the characters are perfect, and not dating someone who breaks into your apartment is certainly a healthy boundary to have, but I am curious to see if player and/or MC sentiments on certain ROs shift as more of the story is published :thinking:


Lol well I plan on having many play throughs so at some point I will but right now my first play through is a resistant style for mc…so current uncertain whom they romance if any at this point. Yet my MC will just having to decide which lol yet no matter whom I’m looking forward to the update even if it breaks saves the romances are secondary to the story for me :smiley:they are a plus lol and now I think sleep for me have fun everyone .


What are the personalities of each of the bird familiars? Also there are two powers the mc can choose at the beginning of the game?

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  • American Goldfinch: friendlier, more outgoing
  • European Starling: intense, a little bit more severe
  • Red-winged Blackbird: aloof, a bit withdrawn
  • Blue Jay: loud, energetic and kind of obnoxious
  • Black-capped Chickadee: nervous, more timid

None of them have any bearing on the MC’s personality.

And yes, there are two possibilities for the gift the MC can have.


Oh no I thought Natasha wasn’t a RO so i was sad about it lol

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While replaying the demo this morning and reading your post I had a flash-back to 9 year old me reading “His dark materials” ; I just now realized that the familiars reminded me a bit of the daemons. Nice.


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Requested by author.

Been only a short while, but I’m looking forward to my little starling pestering a certain condor someday. :blush:


It’s a bit to be sure jow my character in my case because well i don’t know just how far the cult will gp to deal with a too resistant member (i have read horror stories with cults so i know how far some will go)

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Awesome i love it and very good read cant wait fornthe next update


Chapter 6 added to demo! | March 22nd, 2022

Hi, everyone! I’ve ( FINALLY ) finished writing the first draft for chapter 6 and it is now playable! Thanks so much to everyone who has sent kind words and been patient while I took a break to regroup. I’m in a much better place for writing now and hope to get back to a regular update schedule.

Also, I broke the saves so you’ll all have to start over… sorry! But it’s been a long time since

I have edited the demo on dashingdon to add chapter six! Features:

  • Additional 27k words for a new total word count of 83k (~39k per playthrough)
  • The first official day at OFNA
  • Get (some) answers about what’s going on
  • Inherit a very mysterious family heirloom
  • Practice using your gifts

Please let me know if you find any bugs/typos/general issues. I plan to implement some of the things you all find in about a week or so. Thanks again for everything and I’ll let you all know when I have the next update! :feather:

Feedback that would be especially helpful:
  • General spelling, spacing, capitalization, or other grammatical issues
  • Any sections repeated? Other things that you think may be coding errors?
  • Any issues with pronouns or the gender of the characters?
  • Being able to flirt with characters your MC is not interested in (e.g. being able to flirt with Natasha when you indicated you MC was only interested in men in ch 1)
  • Continuity issues (e.g. attitude about OFNA incorrect, the characters mentioning things that never happened to you, etc.)
  • Any confusing sections? Any points where you weren’t sure where your character was or who they were talking to?
  • Any important options/reactions/questions you felt were missing or times when your MC couldn’t do what they wanted to (within reason)?
  • Pacing issues? Did any sections feel too rushed or too slow? Did you die of boredom?

And, to satisfy my curiosity, which gift have you picked for your MC(s)?

  • Empathy (trained with Natasha)
  • Persuasion (trained with Jeremy)

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Bruh, I don’t even remember what I did in my old save anyhow. XD


Yeah, I figured it didn’t matter at this point anyway :joy:


no cause why is elliot successfully worming his way to my heart? i was going for simone man. now i feel so conflicted