OFNA: Birds of a Feather (WIP - Updated 8/09/22)

And about my magic ability, which is basically the same as my bird, my opinion is that if it means that I must join OFNA then NO I want nothing to do with a creepy cult no matter how fascinating it seems…:sneezing_face:

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Especially when everything and everyone is so odd and creepy and the old guy (director or head of that division) is a creepy ass…

And some guy (might be MC’s father, so MC’s mother’s friend says) is hunting MC for some reason and the secret room and footsteps from above MC’s room… Lol it’s like someone is planning to sacrifice MC or trying to make them go insane.


Thank you for everyone’s patience with the slow OFNA progress. Some people have been asking what happened and if everything is okay.

tw: illness, death

I know that I’m under no obligation to share, but my mother was very ill for most of this year. She had cystic fibrosis and was also a double-lung transplant recipient, which caused further complications. I’ve been struggling with writing (especially certain themes with the MC’s family) & rarely had my laptop because I kept flying back and forth from my city to the city where her hospital was.

She passed away in November and I’ve been staying in my parent’s town to be there for my dad.

I just got my laptop back with me, which I’m excited about, and I drew some birds that might go in the book if I can make them mildly less bad. I’ve been really itching to work on OFNA again lately and I think I’m finally ready to get back into it.

So, if you’re on good terms with your parents, give them a call and tell them you love them. Visit them if you can and as often as you can. Take care of yourselves and your loved ones & stay safe over the holidays :white_heart:


@ofna I’m so sorry for your loss :pray:t3:


Sending you warm hugs :two_hearts:


Very important poll below: Should I put my mediocre birds illustrations in the demo @ the familiar selection scene, or just wait until I commission an actual professional?

Example illustration here. (Sorry, the upload to the forums was taking way too long)

  • pro-bird pics
  • no it sucks & so do u
  • ily but no

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I actually liked the first image I saw in the link :smiley:


The illustration you did is incredibly cute, you did such a great job!! I am completely in favor of putting them in the demo.


Your mediocre illustrations are actually pretty good. Plus it saves us non ornithologist a trip to Google for the slightly more obscure ones.


Sorry for the expression, but mediocre my a**. You are quite talented.


I like the illustrations and the whole concept of the game being illustrated, but I hope it will be optional, for the sake of traffic.


What do you mean by traffic? Loading times?

I could definitely but a toggle at the beginning if I decide to include anything


yes please

Um, yes, something like that.

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Put your illustration in, it so cute :smiling_face_with_three_hearts: Regarding loading time just make sure your pics are not too heavy, and do add the toggle for people that wish to not see them.
My game is full of pics and yet I had no complaint about loading issues.


My sister has that. It IS hilarious.

I’ve a reasonable doubt that you can be allergic to Magic™ Birds. The fear of them is valid (you never truly know with some people), but as for allergies, that would need them to be more than a manifested aspect of the master’s soul given they aren’t usually corporeal while hidden away. I have no idea how a bird-fearing MC would even work, though, because real fears are debilitating. You might be fortunate enough to have a flight instinct kick in before you shut down, but circumstances being what they are in the story, any sincere phobia of birds would probably end with the MC in a perpetual state of unreasonable panic; their familiar literally flew into their body–that’d be a difficult horror to overcome, even with the bond immediately ‘stabilizing’ to where MC might not see the familiar as a threat. :thinking:


Lol there’s a thing called autoallergy/self allergy, so one CAN be allergic to themselves, in turn they can be allergic to the creepy cult bird. Fyi I still don’t like the creepy bird.


i can think of worse things to have than the magic cult bird you could have a magic culty voice in your head talking to you


Hey, I have creepy voice in my head which tells me horror stories and it’s extremely fun… Lol that cult bird thingy is still creepy.

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Thanks to everyone who voted! The familiar illustrations will be in the next demo update, but there will always be an option to toggle them off in settings :blush:

(FYI: I leaned heavily on photo references, so these might not go in the final game)

Preview of images