OFNA: Birds of a Feather (WIP - Updated 8/09/22)

Ok so it says there may be consequences to being consistently resistant. My MC is still going to be constantly resisting. With our buddy Simon(e) of course :grin:


Now I can’t decide between three ROs (Elliot, B), because Jeremy turned out to be interesting after this update.

I come back to wondering who is enemy :weary:


This is also my struggle when I play IF games :weary:
The next chapter will be mainly focused on spending time with the ROs, so maybe that will help you pick a favorite (or add even more indecision :smiling_imp:)

Some of the consequences were hinted at in this chapter when you train your gifts. It’s also very obvious if you’re a code diver :eyes:
But I want to add a disclaimer that there’s not going to be a “right” way to play and all branches will be choices at the end of it all. There will be pros and cons to being accepting, too!


Don’t stress me :scream: three is enough! Normally I have no problem selecting one favourite RO, but your WiP is exception.


definitely gonna be indecision lmao. also why does picking flirt options for elliot feel so embarrassing to me? ive been stuck at the first flirt option cause i feel like the man would think im crazy when i show any sign that i like him romantically.

but he makes me go :pleading_face: and he basically can manhandle my mc but his smile can make my annoyance disappear. im sorry for this but elliot gives high key dilf vibes and im here for it :eyes:


I loved the update!

That said, a few (small) things!

  • @{birdname ${birdnick}|The ${birdshort}} flaps by you to soar wordlessly down the corridor. → maybe soundlessly because it’s a bird and can’t say words??? or at least speechlessly or something
  • *disable_reuse *if ((clue1!="spiralsstay") and (clue1!="spiralsgo")) #"Who's this other woman?"
      *set photocount +1
      "Who's this other woman?" you ask@{((clue1="spiralsstay") or (clue1="spiralsgo")) , deciding not to mention her familiarly shaped necklace|}.
      -> wouldn't you never get to the familiarly shaped necklace line?
  • Kathy takes note of that. “Not all, dear. I’m sure you will continue to blossom as you spend time with us.” → not AT all maybe
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I really appreciate the notes, thank you! I’ll tweak those areas before I update :blush:

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Happy you’re back :slight_smile: It’s a great update.


Only noticed one thing that’s minor but I’ve slept since the. Lol so will play again when I get the chance to see if I notice it again. If so will point out my thought on it but loved the update and can already tell I will need to do multiple play throughs :smiley:

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I hurt its feelings


Me on other games: is a diplomat, mediator,
goes back in choices so not to hurt anyone’s feelings.

Me in this one: A N T A G O N I Z E


There’s something so very satisfying about being able to be like “you forced me into this, and I hope to make you regret every second of it.”


Just one typo I noticed:


Supposedly, you should be learning more about your gifts from Natasha, but she left the chapter house the night of induction and you haven’t seen her since.

Should be the day after induction, since we see her when Kathy assigns the tutors.

Also, lovely chapter! My MC is going to fall in love with Jeremy and hate every second of it.


Oh, I have a quick question: if you’ve read my last reply, you prolly can deduce that i may be playing a ressistant MC, i know… a shocker lol. So, knowing that, how do i have 1 friend point with Natasha? She must have some pretty low standards, tho ig u can’t really have high ones when you’re in a cult lol or maybe she’s just a masochist idk lol


@Rui_Filipe lol haven’t read close your last post but far as Natasha goes she seems to not want to be there as well but has resigned herself to it. At least in the main play through of mine grant it I haven’t looked at points that you have lol but I’m also playing a resistant mc.

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mmm I see. Well i think it could be two things: or it’s a bug, which is prolly the first thing that should’ve poped in my head instead of a character’s preferences lol or maybe she sympathizes with a resistant protagonist ,not only cause it’s something humane to do but also cause the mc, by resisting, is trustworthy. Also, who isn’t playing a resistant one? lol

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So, I just went through all the code and I don’t see any friendship increases for Natasha that weren’t planned.

You may have gained the point if you:

  1. were nice and/or polite to her
  2. chose to interact with her at some point (on the stairs in chapter 4 or during the induction ceremony in chapter 5)
  3. chose empathy and said something she liked during the training

One point is pretty meaningless overall, it just means you did something she liked at some point. Any stat checks for friendship will have higher barriers


I don’t know how i’ve only found this wip now but i regret my life choices, i wish i knew about this from the start. I love this so much and can’t wait to see where the story goes, great job and all the best wishes!! :heart::heart:


Oh we can’t have that lol i’ll go back and treat her with some more disrespect lol

I hate everyone in this WIP. Impressive work. 10/10.