October 2023's Writer Support Thread

Oh shoot. This is because of my last post, ain’t it? Oh man… I’m so sorry!

Hey man, I’m so sorry if my critique/advice wasn’t welcome, or made you upset! I didn’t think before posting it, or I would have asked if you were okay with it. If you’d like, I’ll happily delete it, or send it to your DMs, or whatever you want me to do, hun. Your work is amazing, and I hope that the PRAISE I gave you definitely outweighed any bad that the rest of it gave you… But in case it didn’t, please know I’m sorry.

That said, Here’s my responses to the current exerpts available:

This was absolutely thrilling to read. I don’t know anything about these characters yet, but just this little excerpt told me a lot about the PC’s personality, and gave me theories as to what was actually going on. (my running one is space ships moving throughs pace by using mirror-distortions like black holes.) You did really well here!

If you have, I haven’t seen it! It seemed interesting, and from what code of it I read, it seems like situationally, you’ve got fighter pilots interacting (and discussing the Mile High Club, which as an ace person has always confused me. why the hell would you risk everyone on a plane knowing you were fucking… I don’t get it, but that’s me. XD).

I like to use these name generators for my own work:
Chinese Name Tools (Ignore the payment requirement, you can fiddle around in the menu and find names without it)
Mandarin Name Generator
Fantasy Name Generator (A massive name generator that gives names for all kinds of situations including but not limited to:

I hope you know that I consider your games to be something like The Gold Standard for my own works. And this is part of it. Good job!