Number of lines between conversation lines

So, I just find a few lines of text that is basically one person responding to another’s question, before speaking herself. As such, I just wanted to check on how many lines you need to put between stuff like that?
I heard that it was 3 per person, as in one person would speak, then you would put 3 lines before another could. I’ll put the lines of text below so you can all have a look, as I have found that I’m not the best at verbally explaining stuff sometimes.

“Makes sense.” ${d_name} says, ${d_their} smile fading as ${d_they} turns to ${n_name} before:
“why didn’t you grab ${mc_them}, then, ${n_name}?”

Anyway, yeah. Just want to check so I know this stuff going forward, you know?
Anyway, I hope that all you who read this have a good Monday, and I hope to hear back from you soon.

If you want to preserve whitespace here on the forum, you need to use the pre-formatted text option. Click on the gear when writing your post, the option for pre-formatted text should be there.

Also, ChoiceScript ignore consecutive line breaks, so I’m not sure what you mean. In any case, if it’s the same character speaking just keep everything in one paragraph.