Number inputting help! [SOLVED!]

Hullo! So I’ve been trying to make it so that the player would be able to input their age (as it plays a factor in the game) but I can’t seem to get the inputted number to be set as the age. Would anyone know how to fix this?

Here’s my nth try at fixing it:

*label ageset
Seeing how the age requirements for the show is seventeen to thirty-five, you are...
*set Age 0
*input_number Age 17 35
*if Age >26
*set Professionalism %+10

Thank you so much for your help!

Hmm, it worked fine for me. I just want to double check your process.

*create Age 0 is your variable in setup, right?

And you’re viewing it in stats and in game as nothing? Are you getting an error, or just 0?

this is what I used, with *create age 0

This is it!
*goto ageset

*label ageset
You have to be between 17 and 36 to enter the competition. How old are you?
*set age 0
*input_number age 17 36
*if age >26
*set dependency %-20

Hullo, there!
(that word reminds me of Alexander G. Bell and his phone invention, somehow)

About your problem…[quote=“StormL2, post:1, topic:24235”]
I can’t seem to get the inputted number to be set as the age.
Is this is what your problem, or is it your [Professionalism] don’t increasing?

Because the *set Professionalism line isn’t “nested” to the *if Age >26 line

Oh, and it should be (Age > 26), not just Age >26
Use parentheses.

Ohhhh, okay! Thanks! I was getting an error but I was just setting the age wrong :smile:

Haha, I was thinking more of Megamind :slight_smile:

Ah, so I have to place it like so?

*if (Age >26)
 *set Professionalism %+10
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