Northern Winds: Dragonships. WIP (Status update 2021-6 on 255)

That might be true but if your story is good then you’ll be fine.

the demo link is not working

Weird it is working for me. Haven’t changed anything to that.

That’s odd. It worked for me. Maybe it went back to working during that 20~ minute window between this reply and yours.

Onto my comment on the game, it is really cool that i’m going to have a look on the history of the Baltics since i rarely heard much as about them from where i’m here.

I would also like to ask, will there be an opportunity to combine the two paths (of paganism and christianity i mean) in the game?

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Hmmm…good idea, staying neutral…but you will be forced to pick a side in the end. You just pick leaser evil I guess.

And also, im still deciding on how to best keep history somewhat accurate. Thx to sleepless night I came up with actually making 5 games, like in series and each of them specific game mechanics. But my plan isn’t finalized. Here is current sketch:

Northern Winds: Dragon-ships (A tale about Curonian Vikings going with Norsmen into Britany invasion)
Northern Winds: Livonian Crusade (old Baltic pagan tribes vs christian Holy Orders)
Northern Winds: Varangian Guard (About founding Kiev, making Ruthenia great again! Other part being a special unit in Byzantium - Varangian Guard)
Northern Winds: The New World (self-explanatory)
Northern Winds: Herkus Monte (Simply quote: “Herkus Monte was the most famous leader of the Great Prussian Uprising against the Teutonic Knights and Northern Crusaders”)

Even if try to make all of these…I bet mby my own grandchildren will see the light of these games. xD


Yeah. I live in a predominantly Christian country but there are some provinces that practice Pagan-Christianity.

i admit that the reasoning behind it was because i am quite embittered on what the colonizers did to demonize the religions of my ancestors. it didn’t really help that those colonizers where Christians who did “things” in the name of God. i don’t necessarily hate the religion; it’s the practitioners who i despise.

As for the five games, just be clear, they are set in the same verse but they have their own individual stories, right?

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Yep…well reading historic materials…both sides did awful things in a way. But invaders are invaders…by default the bad guys.

Same world yes, different stories, different chars probably (as I don’t know how that CoG save system works…) and different game mechanics. Well its all in planning phase…

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Update 07.07.17

Reworked the main idea behind the game. Updated starting post.


I am hoping we can conquer and unite the Baltic Tribes to form a Chiefdom or even a entire nation to protect or drive out Norse control and attempts to take your peoples land really i just want to become King of the area

Hmmm i will consider the idea, perhaps at highest probably would be King of the tribe. Not conquering everything.

well we aren’t that powerful but ya if we could form like Lithuania or something that would be cool

If you don’t mind me asking you live in latin county, Central or South America?

It’s funny more I learn about the religion itself Christianity, the more I understand its appeal and I could see how it was able to have conversions on large-scale. Of course if you are of the old Spanish colony that’s an entirely other story. What happened in the Spanish colonies makes cattle slavery look like nothing.

I’m from the Philippines so maybe i’m from one of the older colonies.

//mutters// 300+ years

my old lady from Cebu and oh my God she’s incredibly Catholic. I also live at the Filipino family for about a year. They were very actively Catholic as well, I got to say the house Holden incredibly matriarchal society.

We should keep the post relevant story-game.

Remind me I’m not too familiar of the conversion tactics of the old Baltic. I know you had to deal with the Knightly orders. But at the same time the Dominican Friars room credibly active in conversion as well. Side Note Dominicans and Franciscans by that point had an incredibly extensive education background, they did not just understand the theological for and against their religion but the philosophical ones as well.

I know a massive conversion under in the Baltic regions under Vladimir the Great converting them to the Byzantine rite. On top of missionaries launched by the emperor but some of the most brilliant intellectuals of his era.

i live in a very active Catholic household, studied in Catholic institutions as well. Unfortunately, the rather adamant views on certain topics made me question a lot of things.

Out of curiosity about the romances, is the chieftain monogamous or could we practice polyamory/polygamy? i admit that i’m not familiar with the dynamics of this sort of thing.

An entertaining idea. Norsemen had thralls (slaves), we had similar thing at least of what I have heard. “Dreļi” as Drells I guess…probably same thing as Norsemen thræll…has even some sounding similar. So I could add that chief can take wife and many “concubines” i guess. (true many-wife thing wasn’t practiced, but probably i have to do more research on that) Thus how much your RO will like you taking slave as a lover…that is entirely different thing xD

Most common thing was to raid neighbor tribes and pick girl there, then all plunder was divided by chief and you could get a new wife ^^ well…husband if you play as woman (that thou is entirely anti-historical).


Update: 11.07.17

  1. Fixed a lot of grammar mistakes and typos.
  2. Enriched text at the start and remade player name and village name choosing (gave player options to choose old names that were (could be) native for this region at that time).
  3. Cleaned code a bit. (thou dunno how heavy code must be to crush this engine xD )

Now slowly writing further scenes ^^


Mistakes Ahead


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“tiring walks”

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“each other’s shoulders”

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“Rich fields were”

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Sorry if it was a bit annoying but there are lot of typos