Northern Winds: Dragonships. WIP (Status update 2021-6 on 255)

Everything in its time, no need to rush, we understand perfectly.

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Thx, everyone for the support!

I will be honest… currently, I have a bit more free time and reverted into a guy that is like in the basement and playing games all night long :smiley: Been diving into Baldur’s Gate (first two) games and now Cyberpunk 2077 will be a thing.

I’m thinking of releasing one part of chapter 3. With its start and where Raiding path in one year can be played. With all the shipbuilding, coding changes, etc. And post patch notes of that. Otherwise this month I start to feel like I’m cheating on not writing as I should be and posting here…soon…soon…soon (hides).


Status update 2021-1

Hi, fierce warriors!

First I want to say BOO 2020 and lets open arms and hopes for the 2021 year. Let it be more good than bad!

Perhaps some noticed but there wasn’t a real status update in December. I have to apologize for that. I have been dealing with real family issues then with work and then with self-loathing of my writing. You know, the usual stuff.


On Writing:
Dragonships have grown (and my skill in craft), the game sided design has changed a lot and improved since the first vision in 2017. Also, the length of the story that would need to be told properly is around ~300-400k words. That’s like 4 novels… So barely 30% is done (with needing to touch up already done parts). Outside of private life, I have been dwelling on fact that I love this project so much that I feel the gap between the skill I have and the one I need to finish it in good quality is very wide. So what it means for chapter 3? I’m sorry to tell you that Dragonsips WIP will be paused. BUT… I will be working on a new WIP that is based on real world history. It will be more management style, with story “quests” IF and condensed into 100-150k words. I want to practice, to finish an actually interesting game, see how the publishing process goes, etc. And only then work on behemoth with life filling story that is in Dragonships.

Hint 1: Vinland
Hint 2: Like King of Dragon Pass and Swamp Castle.

On Life:
Those who have followed other posts know that my mom is fighting against cancer. This year she will have an operation (in spring) and afterward who knows what will happen. There is a chance for one Status Update to be all cheerful and me going hardcore on writing or me going silent for a very long time… Outside of this, I don’t want these “On Life” parts to be all blog like, but I will write up what I’m reading or other fun or bad stuff happening behind the scenes in my life.

To be continued…


Status update 2021-2

Hi, fierce warriors!

Here is my kind-of-dev post for February.

On Writing:
The new project is well underway and its math excel is being populated by various things, like food consumption, ideas for buildings and what recourses there and also diplomacy options with… natives. Some parts have been coded and some of course not. Here is a tiny peek of stat screen selection:


And yeah… I’m calling it currently Spears of Vinland

On Life:
It has been a mixture of sadness and even grief with happy stuff. Starting with reuniting with an old friend (my daily spam is hard to withstand and a lot of days there is more of my spam to friends than to writing a story :smiley: :smiley: and this friend had to suffer most of that…)

On sad things… I witnessed how in front of me a cat was driven over and how he/she died in agony. It was a horrible experience and I’m not gonna lie. As a grown-ass man, I cried throughout that evening and night. In light of that, I have decided to take a cat from a shelter and fill my lonely life with some meowing. I would like to call the companion my helper in writing, but we all know that little fur of ball won’t be helpful at all. Just a cute distraction :smiley: (I will post pictures in next month’s status update blog).

To be continued…


Beware, your house can have a possibility of being haunted, strange smell will begin to appear, noises in midnight, furnitures are staring to have weird mark and in the shadow, there will be a pair of eyes, watch you, control you, every single actions will be observed. These are the prices for having a CAT
OH, and good luck with the new WIP, seems like I will have to brush up knowlege of vikings again


Hahaha good one.

Yeah, I took years ago one from shelter for my mom. Now Im forced monthly to sheer her back legs fur, otherwise the small poop got stack in her fur and we have to wash her. xD


It’s nice to finally see a story about the Nordic people. I was actually thinking about something like this the other day. Would be nice to have a poly relationship that would be with other women though instead of just the twins.


I will add this idea to note, but I can’t promise that I will add it once I return working on Dragonships.


Glad your back! Excited for Spears of Vinlad!


Any chance of continuing work on this story?

I can promise 100% that I will continue working on this. But currently, I’m overwhelmed with daily work (our hospitals are converting to vaccination spots). And I’m working on Spears of Vinland which will be a simpler game in terms of writing (in terms of coding it’s way more complex thou), thus easier for me to actually complete a project.

I want Dragonships to be really good and it needs better writing done which I can provide only after time and practice… but believe me I’m full into finishing it. As I love longships and customization I have created in test build is pretty cool ^^’’.


It is a pretty original game; I like current WIP and will be waiting patiently for updates, good luck!


How do I romance Viliendi

Take your time! :slight_smile:

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Status update 2021-6

Hi, fierce warriors!

It’s been a while (4 months of no dev diary? A what now?). Time flies for sure. I have been away from any creative work and this forum AND everything else these past months…

On Writing:
Nothing to add here much. But as I have acquired a little assistant and family problems have mostly been resolved (more on that below paragraph) I will be diving into Spears of Vinland writing and programming with a renewed spirit! Also on 24th, we have a yearly Summer Solstice festival “Jāņi”(similar to Lithe for Celts and Beltane), thus my pagan roots are tingling with excitement!

On Life:
As I have previously mentioned my mom has cancer and the last 9 months have been difficult. But in May we got good news and the operation was very successful. I don’t have these dark thoughts lurking at the back of my head and can focus on… life and its joys ^^’’

Also here is my new little assistant (taken from the shelter). I do not recommend touching him thou… as a kitty from the shelter he is not used to humans and has as strong a right paw hook as Rocky… Ah and yeah his name is Ūsiņš (Name of our pagan god of horses and honey, but if you translate it literally it just means whiskers, but in a cutesy way, lol)

Here he is overlooking my desk as I go into typing frenzy:

When I would post Spears of Vinland demo? Well, that’s a few months away… I want it to be at least 50% done once I present it here. Sorry.

Well then, let’s write!


Congrats! May she have a full and fast recovery.

Your new helper is cute indeed!


For some reason Im getting a last kingdom vibe which i enjoy very much.

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Cute and deadly ^^’’


Hmmm, probably cuz I read the books like crazy and really enjoyed them. What one reads somehow reflects on writing I guess :smiley: