Non-Existent Variable in Dashingdon - Demo Currently unplayable

Hey guys, not sure what’s going on, but I keep getting this message when trying to test out my game in Dashingdon:

But both quicktest and Random Test pass the game just fine.

I was dumb and don’t have a backup of the previous demo, so my game is currently unplayable atm.

Here’s it inside of the game:

EDIT: It seems to be all the variables I’ve added in the newest update that it’s happening with. I really hate to ping people but honestly I’ve been working on this for about 12 hours today and I’m just at my wits end. Really need the help of a professional here @dashingdon. Worth mentioning, I can play through it fine in CSIDE as well.

EDIT 2: Just tried experimenting by uploading the files as a new game and got this:

It looks like your script is looking for “gender13” but your variable is “Gender13” with a capital G. The quicktest and presumably CSIDE reconcile the difference between the two but the Javascript engine expects variables to have matching case.

I’m not sure what the 404 issue is with the new game attempt as I’m not at a computer just now but hopefully changing either your variables or references to the same case will fix the issue.

It’s not ever lowercase in the game. It’s always exactly as written, so I’m not sure why it would be looking for it. I changed it to lowercase just to make sure, and it didn’t accept that either.

That’s odd, I don’t see why the alert would have reported it lowercase but I haven’t paid much attention to that before. My fault.

I added the create statements to your startup.txt file:

*create Gender13 ""
*create Gender14 ""

And I renamed the references from gender13 to Gender13 in the chapter1.txt and your game seems to be functioning fine now.

EDIT: Also added the create statements for NPCGender37 and NPCGender38 to the startup.txt file. I think after 12 hours you are getting exhausted and overlooking adding the create statements to your startup.txt file :sweat_smile:

EDIT #2: This could be a case of your startup.txt file not uploading for some reason so I’m not accusing you of forgetfulness. I notice now in your screenshot that Gender13 and Gender14 did have create statements so I suspect the startup.txt not being updated on the server for some reason is the culprit here.


Ah, I gotcha. Thank you so much for the help!

Yeah, CSIDE doesn’t do anything special for handling case insensitivity. So if ChoiceScript’s interpreter was funny about it, you’d be seeing the issue in CSIDE as well.

It was just that the startup file wasn’t loading after all, which was my fault in the end. I’m guessing the max files uploaded to dashingdon at once can only be 20, and there’s 24 in my game. I was unaware that I didn’t have to upload the new version of my game all as one big update rather than just updating the chapters that were changed. Just wanted to keep you updated!


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