Hello everyone!

I am writing my own story for a while now, and i want to publish it. The thing is that CoG requires a Node.js. But my window is 7, and the Node requires at least a 8.1 version. Do you guys know if there is any other way?

Sorry for my English not native language

Thank you so much in advance

Please strongly consider upgrading your operating system (I believe it’s free?). Windows 7 is horrifyingly out of date now.

If that really isn’t an option you can probably find an older version of nodejs that works just fine. Have a Google.

Third alternative is CSIDE, which has node built-in, but that’s also not supported on Windows 7 (though iirc people have had success using it on there before).


Thank you so very much for your assistance. I think the best option is to upgrade my window an be done with it. Thanks again