Does big games requires complex JS?

Hello. I’m new to this game engine. And I was inspecting some already created games.

And am I wrong, but are authors were writing javascript in their games? For example, Missing Wings?
And if you change somehow js, what is the best way to do it?)

For example may be you know how to add analytics?)

As far as I’m aware, it’s entirely Choicescript. But Choicescript does require Node.js to run. Maybe that’s what you meant?

For as far as I’m aware changes to the Javascript layer behind the standard ChoiceScript format aren’t supported if you want to publish a game. Keep that in mind. So you could for example use JS to use a different font or font color in your demo, but those changes would not make it into the published game.

Very few published games use special JavaScript features, there are no doubt a few here and there, but the vast majority are all written in plain old ChoiceScript.

Not quite. It’s beneficial to have a server to run locally, which is what nodejs provides. Once it’s hosted, you don’t need anything special.

Okey, thx for answers)