No reviews on Google?

While clicking around on Google play store I realized that many of my games no longer show reviews or even ratings… And this seems to be the case for many other (but not all) HGs… It’s this just me or others are having same problem?


Are you the author of Hero or Villain: Genesis?

I just checked my Google Play Store app, and I can still see the rating and reviews for your game (but my default language is set to German).


It’s a regional thing. I can’t see many reviews or rating either. Happened a while back. Google in their wisdom thought it would be better if people could only see their own country’s ratings, and sometimes it seems to apply to reviews as well. It’s really annoying.

Edit: I’d say its related to this post I made a while back

Google’s been hiding reviews and ratings from me since last year. Many of the games on the store have zero ratings or reviews when I’m logged it so it knows my location.


Ah… thanks, that could be it (I am based in Japan, and I guess not so many people here buy games in English)