Next Choice of Game, and Lack of Indie Titles Submitted?

Zebulon is available here:

Thanks guys!!

I wish they would make a zombie choice of game like u are the zombie or ur trying to survive a zombie apocalyptic

funnily enough thats exactly what i’m making!!

I am making a game at the moment called AlphaMort which will allow you to assume the role of either a survivor of a zombie outbreak, or deliberately infect yourself with a new strain of the virus which enables you to become a zombie while retaining the use of free will to make decisions.

I like to think the small amount of progress i’ve made on it so far is coming along nicely and, with a bit of luck, it should be out sometime in the next millennium :smiley:

Lol well im glad someone is making a zombie one it be crazy I have other ideas for choice of games like one where u begin as a human and later gets attacked (your choice which) by a werewolf, vampire, or etc that way people have a bigger choice of what they want to be \m/ \m/

also i must point out a guy called simski is also making a zombie game which is much further gone than mine, i advise you to check it out, it rocks :slight_smile: \m/

Lol if I find it and get a chance I will

Just wish there was allrdy more choice of games that im interested in was made like the vampire and dragon ones lol

Ooooo! Someone else who has played the Narnia Solo Games! I have all five, and I love them very dearly.

Any hope that I could persuade you to let me run you through one of them, DM-style…? I’ve done it with others, but finding people who are interested is HARD, so it’s been a long time. I didn’t realize, until just now, just how much I enjoyed it, and how badly I’ve missed doing it…

You know you’re talking to someone who hasn’t visited this forum in over a decade, right?


Old thread. Issue is no longer relevant.