NEW Update! Agents of Lucifer (WIP) UPDATE POST 256!

Okay I decided a long time ago that anyone had the idea of making a choice of games idea of Lucifer being a romantic choice I would go for it if Lucifer is our romantic choice I’m taking it I’m going to have a romantic relationship with the Devil( if not that’s a joke it was worth a shot anyways)


The closest I know about the darkness prince/queen being a RO is a long abandoned game about being a worker in hell and they are a RO, the other is Supernatural in NY, but you can only flirt with 'em a bit.


Well, he is a romance option in the visual novel Miraclr (best route in my opinion!)… I think it’s the only instance I recall, honestly. We play AS lucifer in an IF game too but that’s not the same…


Progress Update #3 (As posted on Tumblr)

Chapter 3 base writing has been completed! While I still need to write Andrei and Eugene’s investigation scenes, coding can soon begin! There’s been a lot of changes to how the case unfolds, but I’m happy with said changes. I think it’s better this way. I keep losing track of time as I’m writing though and forget to eat until it’s late. At least I’m drinking my water??

So many stickies… I’m having so much fun though. The next update will include fixed errors and a couple new choices as pointed out and suggested on the forum; as well as chapters 2 and 3. I figured it’d be better to do one big update.

Also, next month Patreon, it looks like I may be able to upload the RO short where you’ll see their perspective just before meeting MC, as well as Lucifer’s Short (although he isn’t an RO) between MC and him! If not, however, it will just be Lucifer’s and anything else I might come up with. :slight_smile:


MC: I’m used to getting beat up
Lucifer: “That makes me feel exceptionally better, thank you” :joy::ok_hand:


Lucifer internally: stressing beyond repair


Personal Update!
As posted on Tumblr

Due to real life situations, I may be unable to complete everything as I would like and have it uploaded by the end of September. This includes: Patreon shorts, error fixes to chapter one, and chapters two and three.

It’s still possible that I am able to do everything, but in the event that you do not see any changes to Patreon or the forum, it’s due to real life.

Please bear with me! I want to get everything out as quickly as possible, trust me. All I ask is for a little patience. Thank you!! :slight_smile:


Progress Update #4 (As posted on Tumblr)

As of today, it is highly unlikely that I will have both chapters done for the end of the month due to personal life and all that jazz. I’ll finish the Patreon short with Lucifer (although it’s longer than intended!). This means the update should come in October instead! Things are steadily settling, so it should be possible.

And because next month is October… I’m thinking about a short with the ROs. But not to go trick or treating. Rather, you and an RO help a wandering spirit move on so they can finally cross over. It’s a big “if” on whether it happens or not but it sounds sweet. I think, out of all the ROs, I wonder most how Min will react to being given such a case.

Thank you for your patience! I’ll also post a sneak peek next month as well, and should everything got according to plan, the ROs perspective short too ^^


Major Progress Update #5 (As Posted on Tumblr)


THIS TOOK A LOT LONGER THAN I WANTED AND I APOLOGIZE! Things kept coming up but it’s not important because now it’s done! I’ll be uploading the update on Halloween.

The update incudes: Fixed spelling errors pointed out on the forums Chapters 2 and 3

I really hope people like this…! Patreon RO shorts will be coming as well. What I plan to do afterwards is fix any errors my testers point out (be warned that there may be some that are missed!), I think write the rest of the book… and start figuring out what the heck I’m going to do for artwork!


CHAPTERS 2 and 3 now available!
As always, please tell me of any errors you run into and let me know what you think!


I cannot access the stat page

Two chapters at the same time that’s a gift!:heart_eyes: But it’s Halloween not Christmas :sweat_smile:


Loving it so far! But I ran into an error :frowning:

This is as my char is going to meet the team. Error: Chap1 line 1129: bad label on

I would post an image but it won’t let me on my phone.

Should be fixed now.


I got an error.

Chap2 line 3734: tabs and spaces appear on the same line

The error is fixed now! Figured it out!
@POPCORNBOY Fixed as well.

Geez, I’m starting to look like a slob with this many errors…

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None of the choices works, they all show the same error, only the line variable change i think, sorry i can’t help more

It should work now.