New puzzle: Walking lights

Hi all, I have a new puzzle for you. It’s a light switch problem again, but this time you have to walk on a grid, with a predictable result at each step. Kudos to @will @E_RedMark for the feedback. @will, you can now play the same board again to improve your score - the map will show you the minimal path.

@Charles_Parkes This also uses the keyboard, let me know if you have suggestions on the interactivity.


Ohh more puzzle…

nice touch, using the up, down,left and right . But got an error here: Uncaught TypeError: Cannot read property ‘_avast_submit’ of undefined


Is my Javascript is conflicting with your anti-virus (Avast)? I don’t have anything related to Avast in my code.

At what point does the error trigger? I’d like to understand what may cause this.

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dunno, was playing with up, left, right and at some point it did that .

Maybe ? I do have avast, but it doesnt cause me trouble usually…

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Very clever!

  • 9x9 layout doesn’t work well on a mobile (and I have plus size screen, so that might apply to smaller sizes on different phones)

  • what is causing the partial white line between image rows? It doesn’t matter visually, but I’m curious as it may have design implications

  • do you mind telling me the pixel width of the images you’re using?

  • I actually think the inclusion of the map is a stroke of genius. (Map is well designed) Again, while it may make things easier, it would also allow the reader to progress past a puzzle that is lowering their enjoyment of their game. That might be important in a story-rich game with a few puzzles, or in a puzzle-rich game where someone might otherwise get stuck on one, but enjoy the others. While I’m on reader experience, I think it was very good design to include the choice of puzzle size and therefore difficulty levels. Our readers really seem to value the choice to engage or not, and to what degree - so i think the fact you’ve added lots of flexibility probably makes their enjoyment more likely.

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Hi @Charles_Parkes, thanks, I am happy you like it. And thanks for the comments and suggestions. To answer your questions:

  • I guess the mobile layout has a smaller width. I didn’t test it there. Maybe I could resize the images with *script, or force a smaller size.

  • The layout is done with a bunch of left-aligned images, plus the small white line (aligned center) to start a new row. But I did a small update and I was able to hide the line with *script. Let me know if you like it.

  • Icons are 50x54.

  • I am happy the map is useful. I put it there when I noticed that the game can get very frustrating on larger sizes.

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  • The white line change works well.

  • On the problems with mobiles. It would be interesting to know what the pixel width of the smallest screen people might be reading on is. That seems like the biggest inhibiting factor to one of these graphic puzzles working properly if published. I wish there was a way of proportionately shrinking multiple images instead (so 5 pictures in a line is treated the way a single image is, staying aligned properly) to get round the whole problem.

Try now. I have adjusted the image size to the window width. It should work better on smaller phones (but the puzzle can get VERY tiny!)

Another limit to publication is the use of *script to work around CS’s limitations. Some issues could be fixed in CSS (styling), other would require a few tweaks to CS itself.

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Show off :slight_smile:
Works perfectly on mine now

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