New puzzle: Mind the gap - with level editor

Hi all. Another puzzle for you!

Screen Shot 2021-01-06 at 4.28.24 PM

In this game, you have to walk the board until you fill all the gaps. You can use the keyboard, or touch the arrows on your mobile. You can also undo your moves or restart the level.

The game comes with 5 demo levels but you can create your own with the level editor.
To create a level, choose “Go to editor”, set the starting point and knock the walls around using the arrows. The editor will give you an encoded string, or a URL. The URL is clickable, or you can paste the string where it says “Play custom”.

You can share your levels here and I will add them to the game.

Try it here:
Have fun and let me have your ideas!


I built a tool that can test the levels and make sure they are solvable, but it can be very slow on certain boards and I decided not to include it. If you share an impossible level by tweaking with the encoding, I will know :slight_smile:

Also, I’m looking for an artist. If you want to help me improve the user-interface, I’ll be very grateful.


this is awesome! always love to see people making games that explore the full capabilities of choicescript :smiley:

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I applaud you. I was looking at the code and thats some pretty next level stuff. Pretty awesome!

Next step: get doom to run on choice script! :grin:

Thanks so much!

@Jackpot1776 as I mentioned in another post, my code gets generated by some tools. They simulate loops, functions and scoping for me. The resulting scenes can be very hard to read. See here: Towards AI in Choicescript: MasterMind solver

And there is still a long way to Doom. Can we get at least array support in Choicescript? :slight_smile:


Some new levels! Have fun!




I managed to pass a stage in a similar game back in my childhood. I had to fill all the fields with some kind of liquid slime and get out. I was a kid and could only afford to play simple games, and my brother was a game developer at the time. He would test free jigsaw puzzles on me and ask me to point out the flaws. That’s some position now too, but my mother didn’t forbid it. I had as much fun as I could, my brother earned money. Now I’m still playing simple toys and here’s your topic of interest to me, how hard is it to get through this game. It reminds me of when I was a kid, trying to draw a house with a roof without taking a pencil off the paper.

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Good luck!



Yeah, excellent levels! It’s not very easy, by the way. The user interface is also good. I hope you’ll find that artist or maybe you don’t even need him.

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