New net neutrality problems

I hate to be the bearer of bad news guys but the FCC is removing some of the important parts of net neutrality that can effect everyone here. here is markiplier, jacksepticeye, and Doug Walker aka Nostalgia Critic to help us all out, CHECK IT ON YOUTUBE! Find this on YouTube and watch it there as the description holds a lot of info you guys need to see. May we save the internet and keep it free

Here is a video to help explain what is happening to net neutrality

I’m sorry to say but we have failed, net neutrality is gone, BUT IS NOT GONE FOREVER
Public outcry is so bad that most analyst believe that net neutrality will be back relatively quickly
Do as much as you can so that we can make the internet free for everyone


LET THEM TRY :smiling_imp: :smiling_imp: :smiling_imp:


Crikey on a little bikey, greedy indeedy! :fearful:

Maybe microtransactions for the net comes next? :scream:


Comes? Portugal already has that.


Really? Microtransactions for the net? :astonished:

Here’s another thing you could do to try and hopefully influence someone in the white house. Although, considering who’s in the white house, I’m not optimistic about it this time. Ajit Pai can go FCC himself


98% of the people asked voted AGAINST destroying Net Neutrality

government proceeds to destroy Net Neutrality


Cause 98% of relevant big donors voted for, and as Citizens United so aptly states money is speech and they just used the more persuasive speech to your politician’s ears (and wallets). :unamused:


Worst part is, if that law passes then other counties will adopt it as well :sweat:

I just want to know what these people are going to do with so much money, they aren’t going to take it with them to the grave :unamused:


Sure is, the bums in our European Commission are scarcely better and neither is the European Parliament as long as the EPP maintains their majority. :unamused:

Pass it on to their obnoxious heirs so they can maintain their lifestyles obviously as well as criticize the rest of us for not working hard enough. :unamused:


@idonotlikeusernames Thing is though, Google, Amazon, Facebook and I believe Netflix have all stated they absolutely oppose the repeal. There’s hardly a dearth of money on the side of Net Neutrality.

It’ll probably come down to which group manages to lobby harder and put more money into the White House’s pocket, plus bringing enough word to bear on the ear of Congress to make them think they will/won’t last in the public eye if they do follow through with this. I honestly don’t think it’ll pass. Too much backlash if they do, both from the voters and the big internet based companies.


Ah, but aren’t Google and Fakebook etc mainly Democratic party donors? While the cable companies and ISP’s are mainly Republican donors, so that must be it.
On the other hand having them donate bigly, as your president would say, to upstanding Republicans like Roy Moore is sort of shooting yourself in the foot too.


Ahhh, geez. This just… makes me sad. And angry, but mostly just sad and disappointed that this is even a problem.

But! That just means I need to do all I can to aid the fight to keep Net Neutrality.


Destroy the FCC, not Net Neutrality.

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My… President? What? I don’t like your tone there, sir. I reside in the most glorious Commonwealth of Australia, not some mangy, jumped up republic. President indeed…

Either way, not everything is about politics. This is about business. Regardless of what you think of them, regardless of whether they actually care about the ability of the common citizen to equal access to internet services, this is a threat to their business model. It theoretically could allow the ISP companies to play favourites or even shut down the competition by making the load times on their site ludicrously long or even restricted for their customers, especially if things get even more deregulated. That presents a tangible threat to the internet dominance of these companies so they will fight it through every avenue available to them.

Everytime I see this stuff happening I’m reminded how Disney is hushing up that they SAVED roughly 1-2 billion dollars in advertising for FROZEN due to people doing what disney would love to forbid them from:
making gifs etc

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The US is the pilot-programme, the EU, Australia and the UK will probably follow later if they are successful in the US first.

Business = politics and politics=business, particularly in the highly de-regulated and privatized landscapes of the US and to a slightly lesser degree the EU.
After all one can build crony capitalism only if the state either doesn’t regulate the market at all, which results in the country being run by dynastic monopolies in an oligarchic government. Call it a “noble republic” and you have our (in)famous golden age. Or and this is the easier route if the state picks favourites and “privatizes” and regulates to the exclusive advantage of those people and their businesses.

I know what it is and I know what it will do to the internet. I also know both the internet tech companies and the ISP’s and cable companies have enormous war-chests, so in the post-Citizens United US of A we are about to see which side can muster enough persuasive “speech” to win the argument.

The downside is that crowdsourcing like that, whether it is wanted or appreciated or not does have the effect of putting a lot of marketeers out of business.

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Not crowdsourcing.

Fans sharing images (fanart, etc) , speculations, reviews, discussing stuff etc.
Without disney having to spent a single dollar.
Had they tried to reach the same people to the same effect by an ad campaign they would have had to spent around 1 billion dollars additionally to what they already spent on the ads as we saw them.

Well, like some people have said even if the law passes the backlash will be HUGE. I’m staying positive that people will use their right to protest (peacefully and democratically of course) in order to diminish that law.


Apparently, New Zealand has this problem too…