New Hosted Game: The Ascot

The Ascot is now available under our “Hosted Games” program for iOS, Android, and the web.

The Ascot: Excitement! Adventure! Want treasure? (Y/N)

In The Ascot, anything might happen to you on the way to the convenience store. You might even run into a guy handing out cursed ascots that lead you to lost fortunes guarded by terrible monsters. Can you nab 100% of the Hizkwelderbang fortune, or will you be lunch for the Eagle Beast?

“The Ascot” was nominated for a 2009 XYZZY Award for “Best Individual Puzzle,” which is extra impressive when you consider that in this game, you have to speak through an electronic interpreter that only allows you to say “Yes” or “No.” Can you find the best ending with just shaking and nodding?


Will it be out for the kindle?

It’s the most expensive game I’ve seen on this site, do you get a lot of game for it?

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It’s out now for Kindle Fire.

Amazon stopped accepting new apps for e-ink Kindles a year or two ago. We’d love to ship more games for e-ink; we’ll keep working on it. (No promises.)

That was a fun game but, definitely not what I expected. It has lots of endings at least and a bards tale like narrator. It seems to have proper grammer the game did make me think " what just happened" and I kept playing it over and over as a puzzle that was awesome and entertaining.

Actually, Tin Star is $5 as well. :slight_smile:

The game appears to have a “freemium” model, which makes the game quite unique compared to the other Hosted Games.

I don’t know the specifics of the model myself, but one could theoretically play the game and reach the best ending without spending a single cent,.
Of course, if you make a mistake (which you will, as the game seems to revolve around trial and error) and receive a bad ending, you’ll have to wait 5 minutes before you’re allowed to restart the game.

Shelling out some dough can temporarily or permanently disable the “respawn” timer.

But again, I don’t know the specifics of this “freemium” model.
Will the game allow you infinite opportunities to reach the best ending?
And if you do reach the best ending, will the game allow you to play again, or will the game require a purchase for a restart?

Although, for what it’s worth, this game cracks me up! :smile:

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Ah, was it? Hmm well that was a good buy so consider me interested.

Plus, The Ascot seems to be free, just with features available for $5.

The game is so-so…there’s a good deal of humor and it is well-written, but it feels like there’s a hidden ending or two that I can’t get to (I can make a pretty straightforward flowchart and I seem to be stuck looping away from the “good ending” and about five of the achievements…I’ve managed to hit 23 so far).

The writing was pretty good and the way it was presented was goofy and cute, but otherwise it seemed a little shallow and linear to me. But since it’s free, I really can’t complain.

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Maybe I’m the odd one out here. There’s not much of a game here, and the story seems meandering and pointless. There are too many loops where you have to pick a specific answer to continue, and… whatever. I don’t know, I can’t think of anything I like about it.

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It is just a whole different type of game.Whoever liked it, I guess he/she would enjoy Blue Lacuna as well.