New Hosted Game! "Demon: Recollect" By B'athala

what chapter is that?

Chapter 7 or Chapter 8. It’s the chapter where you can visit Grim

I think your sympathy needs to be greater than 55 in order for that option to be selectable.

Alright thanks gonna try it now

I would like to know how to buy the game without a credit card,I usually pay for them on Steam with paypal,but this one doesn´t have the option to do so,any help please?

Try a googleplay giftcard buy it at the store then just redeem it

Thank you,I checked out the option you said but the minimum quantity to buy is of 10 dolars and I can´t afford so much to buy this single game right now,so I guess it´s a shame,I engoyed the Demo,I just hope the author gives other options of buying when they return with the second one

I think there’s a bug with the casino fight and the detection of infamy and fear, I gained 0 fear and 5 infamy, but I got the living nightmare achievement and the news report is “is the public afraid of the new super villain” rather than the “Casino Mayhem! Sentinel’s reputation falls” trigger.

how do i beat the grim??, i’m having a personal problem with him

Been a while since I played so i can’t remember all the choices or available options, but basically play according to your strengths. So, if you’ve been playing as brutal (i think I’m remembering that right) throughout the game, then do that in the fight. Vice versa if your playing finesse.


Or if you embrace the inner demon enough you get the opportunity to set up a playdate between your demon and Grimm.

But if you are having trouble you aren’t consistent enough- Always be brutal or use finesse, switching in a playthrough jacks you up.

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how do you increase demon

Mostly by dying a lot. So fail on purpose.

Eventually your inner demon will show up to merge.

Then you’ll have the option to show Grim what something scary really looks like.

It’s entertaining but not my usual play style.


sadly i suck to bad to die ^_- lol
that is why i could never figure it out

I wish this game was on Steam, man.

So grim gets a taste of his own medicine lol. Now I have to do it on purpose

why is this not on Steam again?


Can’t wait to interact more with Ember

Any chance of this getting a steam release?

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Hey, all. Just finished my review of Demon: Recollect. Thanks for reading!

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