New AUTHOR INTERVIEW: Joey Jones - Trials of the Thief Taker


I’m loving the trailer. If anyone has any follow up questions, I’m happy to take them!


I’m really excited about this game! I love reading about 18th-19th century Europe.

Joey: what are some good sources you used that might be interesting/accessible to history buffs? I was interested in getting Hallie Rubenhold’s book about Harris’s List (an annual directory of London sex workers published from 1757 to 1795), but I’m lazy.

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I mostly read about the crime side of things. For early 18th century crime and how it fits into society at the time, I recommend The London Hanged. If you don’t want to buy anything and would like to jut dip in, I can really recommend the Newgate Calendar, short true crime stories about people arrested and sent to Newgate, drawn from their confessions. Lots of very colourful stories.

Oh and I really recommend the hilarious Memoirs of Harriette Wilson, who dated half the aristocrats at the turn of the 19th century. She funded her memoir later in life by blackmailing former lovers. If they paid up, she’d excise them from the book.