Negative Achievements

@dfabulich, I was wondering if negative achievements (i.e. achievements that reduce your score) are possible?

I tried it, and it seemed to work, though I think I found a bug.

I have 4 achievements, two of which I gave a negative value. Testing them, I achieved the first one, and when I went to the achievement list, it reported that I’d achieved all 4, getting a perfect score. This is the bug. Once I achieved the second negative achievement, however, it behaved properly, reporting only 2 achievements having been achieved.

Is it really an “achievement” if it reduces your score? That’s my thinking.

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It should have rejected your *achievement when you specified a negative number; Apple won’t accept an achievement with a negative score.

Remember that there’s no way to unachieve something once it’s achieved, so what you’re describing would be a game in which it would become impossible to get a perfect score if you achieved the “negative” achievements, even if you restart the game. It’s clever, but evil. :smile:

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Uhmm, It is possible, at least with android. I’ve had all my achievements deleted in Mecha Ace once. I don’t know how and why it happened.

I take it back: you can do it by uninstalling and reinstalling the app. But, still.

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It didn’t reject the negative achievements, so maybe I have an older version? Anyway, I’ll use stats to do what I wanted to do. Just thought I’d ask and report the bug!

Maybe you should call them… Decheivements

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I haven’t deinstalled the game. The achievements simply disappeared one day.

That’s… not expected.

Indeed. But it wasn’t a big problem, I’ve won them again since.

No, I didn’t do anything.

My version of Sabres of Infinity has yet to give me a single achievement. I’ve tried deinstalling and reinstalling and nothing seems to work.