Needing to keep track of flirts

So, currently I have one of the romantic options, and depending on how many times you flirt with them, I’m going to have a scene where they essentially shut the MC down. However, I’m not sure the best way to do it. Right now, I made some temp variables, flirt one, flirt to, flirt three, etc. The only problem is, if it’s not too for six etc., I’m stuck. Any suggestions?

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I’d suggest just creating a flirt variable in startup

*create npcname_flirt 0

Then whenever the mc flirts use

*set npcname_flirt +1

Then when you want to check

*if npcname_flirt > 4
*goto shutdown
*goto ignore


What does this mean?


If I’m not mistaken, the star if/else if/etc variables, etc. is Natalie. variable in this one, only take pairs, so you can’t do for example, if (X equals one) (X equals two) or (X equals three)

Is it bad that I just realized I completely forgot that the number variable type existed?

*if (((Natalie = 1) or (Natalie = 2)) or (Natalie = 3))

or …

*if (Natalie = 1)
  *goto labelname
*elseif (Natalie = 2)
  *goto labelname
*elseif (Natalie = 3)
  *goto labelname
  *goto somewhere_else

or, as you’ve just figured out:

*if (Natalie <= 3)

Does that that mean that in the number of (signifies the number of variables in that string then? Like three (has three, etc?

You can actually check multiple variables in a single *if choice

For example:

There is a knock at the door. 
*if (((nat_flirt > 2) or (ana_flirt >2)) or ((tom_flirt >2) or (bob_flirt >2)))
    You open the door to find ${date} standing there.
    *goto next_scene
    You open the door, but no-one is there.
    *goto next_scene

You just need to have a set of brackets around each pair of checks and one around all of them.

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And thats when you notice the scariest thing about writing games. Its not the code, its the maths :scream:


Having a good handle on the math is more important than coding ability in general, I feel. It lets you write more efficiently and avoid bugs.


True, especially for the stats. At some point I need to figure out what’s the minimum I can get for checks, for example, relationship checks. Don’t want to make them too high that you can’t get them for example.

Yeah, no need to add too much realism xD

Righter, I have no idea what you’re trying to say here.

= 3 means exactly three.

> 3 means greater than three.

< 3 means less than three.

>= 3 means greater than or equal to three.

<= 3 means less than or equal to three.

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I guess I should’ve said something more along the lines of, I don’t want to end up in a situation where The choices aren’t made redundant by the fact that I haven’t gotten to any of them in the game. basically I want to make sure that there isn’t a situation where a player plays through my book, gets to the end, and then can’t choose anything because their stats are not high enough.

Just have a regular option that doesn’t check stats.


Thats what elses are for.

Like check their stats. If this one is 4, go here. If that one is higher, go there. Else, choose this other path for losers with stats too low xD