Need help setting up a game

So Ive been messing around with the ‘create your own game’ program thing for a while but there is some stuff I have questions with.

  1. If I have the story planted out and choices placed accordingly so where would I go to test it out for myself to see if it works (not a quick test) I put everything in notebook.

  2. I notice when I mess around with index.html in editor, it says it can only convert into a PDF. How can I change that?

  3. Can you save your game, meaning can you have a copy of the game in progress without all spaces and symbol and just in normal choice game format.

  4. Can I just replace the example text with my own story instead or is that copyright?

hello, you could use the IDE: [Tool] ChoiceScript Development Environment Made by CJW

That would allow you to test it, save it and export it

other wise using notepad ++ and drop box is another way of playing and testing it

the wiki goes though the different tools available:

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