Need help creating characters? Check out these character makers I've found

As the title says as someone who is not good at drawing it can be difficult sometimes to explain how someone looks. Well I’ve found a few online character creators which produce some really nice results.

I hope this helps :slight_smile:


Please be aware you cannot use these specifically in a game unless you speak to the creator and gain permission. You can find their contact details on the linked website.

Just use them to show artists how you visualise a character and let them use that as a guide to make original art. :slight_smile:


Guess I’m kinda bored but still too lazy to actually draw them myself so I attempted to make some of my MCs using this…

the results:

Princess Leina, my paladin MC from The Lost Heir

Raine Averre, MC from I, Cyborg
Leslie Tyler, my hacker MC from Zombie Exodus: Safe Haven and Madison
Hitomi, MC from Samurai of Hyuga getting patched up by Momoko
Eleanor Thorne, MC from the Heart of the House (actually I don’t remember if the MC in that game is even capable at using weapons or not but I preferred this over the actual avatar makers)
Callen Oakfel, Choice of Rebels MC and Hector after a raid gone wrong… Or she just set up a trap for Hector and the rebels are just waiting for the right moment to attack him


She looks… bored? Like “Just another day with bloodshed on the side, pfft. Nothing new”
Pretty awesome though. :smiley:

Guess you are right? …Yeah, now I can’t unsee that either :S xD

Aren’t those copyrighted tho?
(No offense intended, it’s just that I become very anxious whenever copyright issues or issues with art can happen.)
Anyway, the person who creates these character cheator games goes on with nickname of Rinmaru.

I think that if you really plan on using these games for concept art, crediting the creator is recommended.

There is a website they run and which lets you download your pics. Which is what was linked. I just used them to show the artist I hired what Id like them to draw. I wouldn’t suggest people use the artwork in an official capacity.

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I know about that site as well. That’s not my “problem”.
The reason why I asked that is because I have seen people getting nagged because they didn’t give credit to the creator (not on this forum tho) anf that the art isn’t theirs. It’s not like the person was claiming that the pic was their either but still…
I don’t know, maybe you are right and there is no problems with copyright laws and you are free to use pictures from these games. The creator themselves has it covered for you.

No-one is suggesting using them in their games only it’s a useful tool for people who need help imagining their characters and want to show people. Afaik that isn’t an issue unless they decide to sell a picture from the site.

I personally have used them twice to help the artist I have hired to see what kind of character I’d like on the cover. Using it as a visual guide.

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Well, I mean, I didn’t say that they should use/input them directly in their games. Simply posting them in a discussion in the forum regarding for game would be enough.

I can’t believe someone would get hit by a copyright for posting a result from an online character creator which allows you to download characters you create.


They weren’t outright hitted with copyright by the creators, they were merely nagged for not giving credit to the creator (note that it wasn’t the creator who asked for the credit). Because if you didn’t, it would be like you claim that the art is yours and you drew it.
These character creation games are very popular too. I have seen people on YT using them as an avatar so there is more to it.

Btw, check the creator’s Deviantart. She has FAQ regarding this too.

I mention it is character creator and even link to her website not once have I posted anything saying this is my work. So I’m not sure why you keep up bringing copyrights as No one in this topic has posted anything saying they drew the picture. So I’m confused now.

Edit: Just read the faq and it says she has no problem it being posted as long as credit to the program it given which as it’s linked directly I’d say it was.

I never said that you did. My question was wouldn’t that cause problems in general when using the games because I have seen this happen before, a.i. I have seen people being accused of thieving because they didn’t give credit the creator or the games… probably because they didn’t know who were they in the first place. Even when the games themselves are fairly popular.
I’m not accusing you in anything. I don’t know how to be any more clear than that.

Sorry that’s how it read. But how it looks on the faq or should be okay as the website is linked in the main post.

Here’s a character from my WIP I just whipped up on Heroforge.

It hasn’t appeared in the game yet.


EDIT: Never mind, I found the FAQ

I tried it, it’s pretty cool. So this is Grim


Ohh heroforge is fun! :0
Have a female!Misao

Edit: There’s a chibi version too!


Heroforge is awesome and so are your creations @will, @Bathala and @peaches!

I also gave it a try, because 3D.

Will definitely help when I need to describe/come up with character outfits.

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