Need a bit of help with coding

Hello there, not sure if its right category but should be. Been here for a while now, mostly sneaking and reading while holding popcorns. That aside i am trying to develop my first game, however with how concept is and how it is in my head, it should have a sequel.

I been trying to find but sadly i did not manage, how to code saving system, such as lost heir has. Where your character is saved and can be imported again. Or just to shorten my blabbering if anyone can help me with that system or point me in right direction it would be great.

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Cross-title saving is implemented by requesting to CoG when submitting it. It transfers all value of preceding-game’s stats, so make sure to stay consistent in naming your stats.


As my friend Szaal said. Cross-title saving can be requested but…

Ummm. Would not be easier to put an [placeholder] set of questions, so you cam answer how you ended the last book without have to play it all?

Do you remember how it ends?
  #I married the princess.
    *goto begin1
  #I married the Demon King
    *goto begin2
  #Its... complicated?
    *goto er..

You know, like that Choice of romance.

Your method sounds far more easier, still a bit confused sorry about. Care to explain a bit more with the shown example?

I think what their trying to say is find important parts of the story and turn them into questions so they can get close to where they were before.

Let’s just say there’s a story about murder right? To figure out where the player needs to go it could be something like this:

Who was your first kill?
   *set first_kill "siri"
   *goto q2

   *set first_kill "alexa"
   *goto q2

  #Google assistant 
   *set first_kill "Google"
   *goto q2

*label q2
Did you tell anyone about the murder?
   *set no-one_knows true
   *goto ch2

   *set no-one_knows false
   *goto ch2

*label ch2

*if (no-one_knows = true)
 Who could've done it everyone loved ${first_kill}.
*if (no-one_knows = false)
 The only one in the room at that time was you! And jess told me that you admitted to killing ${first_kill}, HOW COULD YOU SHE WOULD NEVER HURT ANYBODY.

That way by answering the questions the player could fast forward to the scene they were in before.


Right now i get it. Thanks a bunch for helping me with this. :grin:

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Welcome sorry bout that last part I was getting carried away with the story

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