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So, currently I am trying something knew. That being that currently, the MC has 3 gender options: Man, Woman, and NB. However, I am having some trouble with the NB option, as currently no-one knows the MC is nb, apart from one char, who isn’t currently speaking, and thus, the rest of the people in the story are referring to the MC as, either a man or a woman, dependent on the particular NB option taken.
I am trying to figure out variables so that I can do this correctly, but am running into the issue of the fact that all of this only applize if a particular option is taken, and thus, if I do what I was going to do, which was do a bunch of temp variables with them/them/ETC, if I put those in, it would mess it up if you are just a man or woman. The only thing I can think of is doing *if’s for all of them, but that would make this a hell of a lot longer. Just want to know if there is a way I can do it that won’t involve making the scene several hundred lines longer? I hope that I am making myself clear hear. If not, please inform me.

I didn’t understand anything of what you’re saying but try looking for multireplace.

Do there need to be a lot of references to the player character’s gender before characters understand that the player character is non binary? The easiest way may be to avoid other characters mentioning it at all until the player can tell them.

This code template may be useful in general. It’s also for gender-selectable characters, but is applicable to player character pronouns too.


It sounds like good use for Truly bizarre references. Link to their function provided here.

In my game I have set up a series of variables to be called when looking for the right pronoun. I then set up another variable whose purpose is so the game knows which pronoun to grab. No need for a string of *if statements. I use these multilayered variables so that the game knows which of the variables is the end goal to grab.

*create Gender "male"
*create maleHimHer "him"
*create femaleHimHer "her"
*create neutralHimHer "hir"
*create customHimHer ""
*create maleHeShe "he"
*create femaleHeShe "she"
*create neutralHeShe "ze"
*create customHeShe ""
*create maleManWoman "man"
*create femaleManWoman "woman"
*create neutralManWoman "person"
*create customManWoman ""
*create maleMenWomen "men"
*create femaleMenWomen "women"
*create neutralMenWomen "people"
*create customMenWomen ""
*create maleHisHer "his"
*create femaleHisHer "her"
*create neutralHisHer "hir"
*create customHisHer ""
*create maleHisHers "his"
*create femaleHisHers "hers"
*create neutralHisHers "hirs"
*create customHisHers ""
*create maleMrMs "Mr"
*create femaleMrMs "Ms"
*create neutralMrMs "Mx"
*create customMrMs ""
*create maleSirMaam "sir"
*create femaleSirMaam "ma'am"
*create neutralSirMaam "xir"
*create customSirMaam ""
*create maleMaleFemale "male"
*create femaleMaleFemale "female"
*create neutralMaleFemale "non-binary"
*create customMaleFemale "non-binary"
*create maleBoyGirl "boy"
*create femaleBoyGirl "girl"
*create neutralBoyGirl "child"
*create customBoyGirl "child"

Then you set the gender, that you want for the game.

	#I am male
		*set Gender "male"
	#I am female
		*set Gender "female"
	#I am NB, but people think I am male
		*set Gender "male"
	#I am NB, but people think I am female
		*set Gender "female"

Then you can use it in a sentence as follows.

"This is all ${{Gender&"HisHer"}} doing!" The man yells.

If male will print as:
“This is all his doing!” The man yells.

From there once characters know, you can use your real gender variables.

I hope that all makes sense and helps! :slight_smile:

If I understand your problem correctly, you want certain NPC to ‘misgender’ your MC and you don’t want to copy paste all the pronouns into variables.

You can make use of this solution using arrays:

All you have to do is created a separate variable for what gender each npc thinks you are, then use that for indexing the pronouns in the array.


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