NATION: country simulator wip

Well, I kinda started this game a little after RRR came back and wanted to publish it
this is NATION (only god knows why I an infatuation with big letters)

Anyway, does it flow?

Grammatical errors



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@zane Hmmm, link won’t let me access the game.

Yep, error 403. Can’t access it.

OMG its not a 404 error but a 403

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I even copy and pasted the whole address.

Likewise, no function.

@zane Got a synopsis for it?

Your father died in a rebellion assassination and you thought that your mother was going to rule th small nation but now you have to build a government and nation from the ground up. Will you be a great king or evil dictator? Will you fight to the death in world war 3? Will you have a fate like your father? It will all be decided in NATION

I’m definitely intrigued.

You got me at “World War 3” and “evil dictator”. Now we just need the link to work.

I’m going to be an evil dictator :slight_smile:

Thanks I am trying to be interesting also you will be to us space warfare and all sorts of other great things but that is expected later on, first you have to take care of your own and all grammatical and punctuation issues will be greatly accepted, hope you enjoy!

That works.

I have just taken a liking of this game, I need to find out what the words are at the beginning, also there is a loop at the end

@zane A word of advice: Keep in mind that Rome wasn’t built in a day. Don’t let people build their nations really fast or else it won’t seem as real. Don’t let them start off as poor nation and then two days later they are a superpower.

Other then that, good luck.

Well, that was a pretty good start. Nice work, you just need to fix some spelling and grammar mistakes.

Also, I keep getting a 404 error when I choose democracy

@ItalionStailon Thanks for the tip trying to make this as real as possible did you like it? And
the loop was fixed.
@UndyingBlitz Is there any specific spelling and grammar issue you spotted and the error was fixed.

Thanks for the feedback writing and more choice will be done possibly tomorrow!

@zane Yes, I did enjoy it. As for grammar mistakes, whenever a different person speaks, you have to start a new paragraph. For example:

“I forgot the milk” Mom says. “But I already poured cereal into the bowl” your little brother whines. “I’ll just get some more” Dad says.

Should be this:
“I forgot the milk” Mom says.

“But I already poured cereal into the bowl” your little brother whines.

“I’ll just get some more milk” Dad says

It is easier to read and to understand who is talking. The conversation with your Mom is a little confusing, but this should help it.

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I picked monarchy and when It says next chapter after Tonel come in with the nation paper it just goes back to that over and over

can we choose what kind of government? I’d like absolute monarchy