NarraScope 2019 (Con for Interactive Fiction)

Hi @jasonstevanhill! Will Choice of Games be participating at NarraScope 2019? I saw the event retweeted by the CoG account

Anyone interested/planning on going? Maybe we can do a meet up!

Here’s the event info:

“NarraScope is a new games conference that will support interactive narrative, adventure games, and interactive fiction by bringing together writers, developers, and players”


I’d dearly love to go, but it depends on budgeting for the travel. It looks amazing though!


I have to imagine yes, but nothing’s been determined as of yet.


Sounds interesting but sadly I don’t have the budget to go to Boston…

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Sounds kind of awesome!

And I just got back from Cambridge two weeks ago. I even have a Harvard baseball cap now. True story.


Very cool, but I haven’t flown in over eight years and would hate to break the streak. Flying sucks.

What would y’all bring to something like this? Merchandise? Since these stories are digital it seems like it could be hard to find something physical to offer someone in front of you about it.

Maybe demos of the upcoming games on laptop or such?


I’d buy merch! A shirt with the COG labyrinth would be cool. As for tabling/events, true everything’s digital! Maybe a chance to interact and discuss with Choice of/Hosted Games authors?

I would assume this is going to be more of a networking thing for writers, developers, etc.

I could see going if it resulted in scoring a new project with a developer, and the other way around, if a developer is trying to recruit writers.

But it’s not like anyone is going to make a profit trying to actually sell stuff there.

So…there will be four COG staff at NarraScope (Mary, Becky, Dan, and myself).

Right now, 12 authors have said yes or expressed interest in attending.

At this point, we should get them to do some CS-specific programming!


I’m still toying with the idea… (Not sure if I was included in those 12). I’ll have to push things around in my agenda, but it sounds interesting!

I just registered!


I’m starting to look at flights (fortunately I have quite a few miles saved up…), but it’s going to be a tight thing as it’s in the middle of term and I have other stuff I committed to. It seems I could arrive on Thursday evening, but then I’d have to take a 13:45 flight back on Sunday (and miss the afternoon sessions…) or stay a day longer and leave monday, and then miss a day of my workshop in Kyoto…



I am looking into this. It mostly depends on if I can find a reasonable flight.

ps: It would be great to meet @gower, @adrao, and all the CoG crew. That is a big reason I am interested.


You’re planning to arrive Friday and leave Sunday night, I guess? If the flight was later on Sunday I would have booked already, but this thing of losing a day of my workshop in Kyoto, or a day in NarraScope is annoying me…

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In other news, I don’t think I’ll be able to make it to this one but I’d like to go in the future.

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Probably Fri and Sun, yes, but I’d be flying solo (for once) and have flexibility that I never have when flying with my wife and kids. It might end up being cheaper for me to stay Sun, pay the extra night of hotel, and take a super early flight on Monday morning.

edited to add: Okay, I’m registered and airline tix are purchased. See you fine folks there!


Kreg and Eric would make the author count as high as 15!

(The 13th is Aaron Reed, who is already confirmed as attending, but wasn’t included in my initial count.)

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Why is there an entire ocean between this and me? Why planes?
Have fun everyone.


I just registered and bought tickets. Arriving Thursday evening and leaving Monday afternoon!