Local CoG meetup LOUISVILLE KY (Next date Oct 6-8 in 2017)


Our first meetup was at Crown Plaza in Louisville KY on Oct. 7-9
I was was there for only a short bit so only a couple of pics

Biggest group of CoG writers gathered to date :wink:

Our next two meetups are:
At the Ramada Hotel and Convention Center on 9700 Bluegrass Parkway (still in Louisville).
Oct. 6-8 in 2017
Oct. 5-7 in 2018
Both at Ramada


Well, any chance you’re coming to France? :grin:

Kidding, I wish I didn’t live this far :slight_smile:


We have such a wide flung community of writer’s that I imagine not many are going be able to make it. But no worries I’ll take lots of photo to share with the class :smile:


Is there a reason you chose to just put this in the lounge? You’ll likely get more people seeing it in the other part of the forum. And you can just use PMs or emails to arrange specific details if you’re worried about privacy etc.

I hope you all have fun.


My bad did not realize, moving it to general.

Edit my phone is acting up is the only reason lol


This is the con that we will be attending with @Eric_Moser at a joint table. I would be open to some sort of meet up, or you can find our table and come say hi. :wink:


@Fiogan gave me the idea and @Eric_Moser gave the link. :smile:


Ah ha, that explains it! :yum: I am interested to know how many “locals” we have in the area. Originally from the Chicago area, myself. Anyway, I’ll keep an eye on this, would love to participate if there is interest!


I live an hour NW of where it’s being held.


I’m very open to meeting folks, although with a family it would be hard for me to travel very far.

@Lordirish, if you’re just an hour away from the convention, and you’re interested, you should totally come down and hang out in October. Maybe we could all grab a beer or something after it closes for the night too.

My favorite thing about the CoG/HG community of writers and fans is that it’s so diverse and widespread, but my least favorite thing is that it’s so widespread that virtually none of us will ever meet in real life, and that’s a shame.


First round is on me. Maybe more will come if they get a free beer. Lol


Free :beers: might bring out the undesireables though!


Make it free cookies! The forum is attracted to that kind of thing O.O it’s a shame I live in the UK else I would totally attend this.


Dan ate them all.


I dare someone to cosplay as a CoG/HG character, and take pictures for the event. :slight_smile:

I hope you all have fun.


Stoic wouldn’t be too hard… sweats n all.


My daughter wanted to dress up like DG. I said no. :slight_smile:


I can’t imagine the context of that Dan comment.


I borrowed it from


Shouldn’t that be triple dog dare ya :stuck_out_tongue: