Naming a scene rule? (Answered)

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Quite… basic question here…
Can I use numbers to begin a scene name? Like 1.1.txt, 9900.txt, or 5.txt?

And what about the other stuffs? Like variables and labels?

I know there’s wiki for it. But for the scene, there’s no explicit rule. I would like to name my scenes based on their orders and branching, coding-nerd style.

I’ve tried 1.1.txt, and got a weird error “P12 line 8: invalid *return. Gosub has not yet been called” :confused:

Edit: Curse upon me. Of course I can xD
Just did it, using 1.1.txt. Must rename the file

Yes you can use numbers for scenes. You probably want to be a little more descriptive of what’s in each file rather than just using numbers though.

You probably can use numbers for variables, but you probably shouldn’t. That would get really confusing. Ditto for labels.

Don’t do it for variables, but yes, it works for scenes.

AFAIK, both labels and variables can’t. Haven’t tried either, though.

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Oh how I miss @CJW’s online choicescript tester! I’d test it out in that to see if it was possible and give you an answer but ALAS it is gone, killed by dropbox!


Yea, I read that online-compiler-coder-writer-in-one program somewhere. But when I downloaded it, it looks like an unfinished HTML5 web project