Names. How do you make up names?


I think the number one roadblock for me is thinking up good names for my characters. Especially bad in a fantasy game where “Joe” wont suffice.

Any experienced authors use any tools websites, etc?

Names for Various Characters/Guilds

Isn’t there some sort of app that makes up names for things like RPG and fantasy games


Check out Behind the Name. Also has a sister site for surnames.


Honestly I think of the culture the character I’m creating is, then find a name from said real world culture.

Creative? No. But I’m never out of names.


I use either my imagination, or, when that fails I use


Find a general sound or feel of a name,
First of all say it out loud then figure out how to write it ‘if you’re making it up as you go that is.’

If I were to come up with a fantasy name ‘right now’ I’d think of the character its meant for.
Say a brute type character, big mean, maniacal so you need to start with a strong sound a hard consenant.
K, C, G, J. all letters that have and Impact!
if I were to name the brute in my mind I’d call him Kolega pronounced ‘KO-leh-ga’ it has a powerful but old feel to it. Or so I think so:)

how things sound and who it’s meant for makes all the difference in the world, and many names that already exist follow similar rules. Victor evokes a very particular image, to me its a very proud and straightforward name. Like JOE is a simple uncomplicated man.

Get my drift :grinning:


For fantasy games, I use a biblical name genarater, no kidding. Whether you believe or not, those are some damn good names for the genre, just gives a unique feel that feels… good.


Which one may I ask?



I’ve settled on picking words I feel describes the persons personality in a physical form (Airy like a cloud, hard like a stone) and then stuck those words into google translate and picked the word that sounds the most obscure whilst still feeling like it fits the character.

It’s not fool proof but its easier that trying to make one up. Took 9 months to name my child and I’m not spending that kind of time on multiple game characters.


Well, depends on what exactly I’m going for. If I want genuine fantasy, I usually construct languages and build names from those. If I want more realistic fantasy, I use Behind the Name (Sneaks already linked it). And if I’m just being lazy I’ve the quick gen from Seventh Sanctum linked. Mash it enough and something interesting should come up.


I don’t remember the name of the specific one, but it shouldn’t be hard to find one via gooogle


yeah I just did, thanks for the tip these names are perfect


Depends on a lot of things! Like… what their language sounds like, what the character is like, the culture they come from. It also depends on how far you, the author, want to go.

I like to name my characters in a George Martin kind of way… As in, taking recognizable names and giving them an otherworldly twist. For example. I have a character who a) comes from Slavic inspired kingdom b) is a prince and c) has a relaxed and casual personality.

First, I looked through lists of Slavic names, and found that I really liked the sounds of Tatiana. It sounds royal, and is long enough to be pretentious. Next I mess with it. Tatiana is a very feminine name, so to make it sound more masculine I change the -ana to -van. So now his name is Tativan, but since character probably wouldn’t want people to call him by his full name, he instead goes by the nickname. Thus I have a character named Tati.

And uh… that’s my naming process. Hope it helps.

I'm creating a game and need help on names

That’s a great idea, thanks for the inspiration.


Watch a lot of movies and animes then pick one that fancy u ( is that how u use fancy always wanted to use it ) or imagination mix the names of characters


Sometimes I’ll use a word that somehow describes or relates to the character, look up that word in other languages, and then shuffle the letters, inserting others until I have a name I like. I tend to make most of my female names end with vowels, which in my opinion is a failing of mine, but at least I’m consistent :stuck_out_tongue:


In what game do you want to create characters? I`m asking as you should give them names in according to the style of the game. Maybe I can help you)


Lord of Dust, my WIP.


hm… I know that Ashan is the name of market in Ukraine and Russia)) :smiley: So I have incorrect associations.