Name help, very confused

So I just checked a problem with my names & I’m at a loss. It worked well in another WIP of mine, but not the current one.

This is how it looks, I’ve double checked my spelling & everything but on the stats screen it shows up as “Unknown” still

You want to original code, go to

    *set name "Name1"
    *set name "Name2"
  #Choose my own
    *input_text name

Possibility 1. Change the variable names on the stats page to lowercase to match how they are in startup.
Way 2:
Replace the

text name


Name: ${name}

Also: can you replace the double line_breaks with a free line? Screenreader does not work with those

Didn’t work, & what is screenreader?

lovely, just found the issue. I had a temp name 0. I’ve done that before & it probably wont be the last time lol

Screenreader is a program for blind/visually impaired people that reads text to them etc.

I think jacic recently posted the link to a review/blog post from a blind user praising CoG/HG for its accessibility.

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