Myrk Mire (working title) WIP (Demo updated 15/08/2022)

This is an amazing WIP. :smiley:


this is really good ! can’t wait to see how it goes !


Not sure if anyone caught this yet but in this parts theres a bit of a mix up with. For me that THEIR should have been a HIM. Its really nothing big but in case you want to change its there!

I’m trying but i cant uplod the image


@M_Trakar Could you describe the rough context to me?

I’ve been tweaking that sort of thing today so I might have already caught it. But i’d like to be sure.

“Be careful mamma.” My son whispers, fear or excitement making their voice quake.

“It’ll be alright.” I try to reasure him, though my voice lacks conviction.

I inch the sodden branch clumsily towards the shape, tremors in my hands making the end sway and bob like a serpent.

The irony of poking a strange object with a stick is not lost on me, but now hardly seems the time for jest.

The bold one should have been HIM to me :slightly_smiling_face: Hope this helps!

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@M_Trakar Fabulous!

Found it and fixed it. I’ll get the update to the demo tomorrow.

Thanks for the report!

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You’re very welcomed! Thanks you for sharing this story with us, I’m loving it so far


When I read the title of this I thought it said “Mike Myers”. Now in my head my MC’s voice keeps flipping between Austin Powers and Shrek.


This was a strong prologue :smiley: I quite like your writing style


i loved this a lot!!! your writing absolutely amazing already love the characters introduced especially the kid going to try best to mc a good parent

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It wasn’t what I was expecting at all. I was bored after reading another and found this rare gem. Finally a game with lore behind it and custom mc and kid. I really drawn in. I look forward to the next update


Oi @Catt

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@Empress_Nightmare Right, got it!

And sorted that sneaky religious reference out. Must have been a section I overlooked in an old draft.

Oi @Catt
In adopted child’ routes, the option ‘Just like mine in every way’ for hairstyle and colour is a bit weird.

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@Empress_Nightmare How so?

Do you mean there’s a bug, or that the wording is strange since the child is adopted in that route and should by extension not be likely to have hair similar to the MC?

i think they meant the wording; and since the child is adopted, having the EXACT hairstyle and color seems unlikely.


I mean after selecting the adopted child’ hairstyle and colour, the option ‘Just like mine in every way’ for MC’ hairstyle and colour sounds odd.
Lol what @Mistyleaf123 said.

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And @Catt I selected the choice where both MC and the child falls into the marsh water…
Does that goes under this first choice ‘Tell her everything’?

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@Empress_Nightmare Yes, that is all covered in the first option.

A question for both you and @Mistyleaf123 in relation to the child’s hair topic.

Would it be better if, in the circumstance that the child is adopted, that the option be worded something more like:

Coincidently just like mine in every way.

Or do you think it should be cut out entirely and take the player straight to picking out the style and colour from the full list?

The purpose for that option was to allow players a bit of a shortcut in case they didn’t really want to pour through the whole list a second time.



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