My sleep these days

Tonight I’ve just noticed that Silverworld came out and now I know im going to miss my morning classes.

Anyone else reads Choice-script in one long session, soon as they buy them?


You meant reading the code ? I never read the code at all…i just read through the story till around 1 am every time i bought new HG/CoG :slight_smile:

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Both. First the story then the code, to figure out how much it changes based on my decisions.

Chp 9 of Metalland


I do the same thing sometimes. I usually buy the game on my phone and if i like it a lot i’ll buy it through the cog website and take a peek at the code after i’ve played the routes i wanted to.

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Haha…because i read it via my phone, i won’t have access to the code…

I will usually finish the first playthrough to get the “feel” of the story…then i will replay again to see what different scenes i got or what different outcomes i receive… most recently i replay ZE:Safe Haven many many times (close to 50? ) in order to test multiple outcomes… and i plan to do the same with Silverworld :wink:

Find a file editor, Es files or Apk editor will do, use the text files to read the routes, and the .json files to mod.

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That’s look complicated :stuck_out_tongue: i rather stick to reading repeatly …Lol

Can you check Silverworld Keimia romance for me ? Can we continue to romance her after the the scene where she sit on the tree (after we return from the rift and preparing the final confrontation), :slight_smile: i am wondering whether there should be more romance scene or options after that…

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Give me the chapter it happened and maybe a line of text and I’ll check.

I’m romancing Control. Best. Harem. Ever.

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The chapter should be around 11… it is the scene when we return from the rift

the line is Keimia said " I am a Damned thing " , then one of the choice we had is " No… Wait, i just want to talk "

perhaps i will tell the exact chapter by tomorrow ? :slight_smile: i go through the route again later on…

by the way, romancing Control and Vecla is easy, although i mostly choose control’s route … :smile:


After this?


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Hey yeah… but after she said " i am a damned thing …i only have one choice, which is the non romance option, how to get the romance option ? with that one choice, Keimia just talk about how to kill tyrant… is there a bug ? my relationship with her is 76

seems like i need to become partner with Keimia first… but any idea how ?

Need to get to my classes, here’s some advice, you’ll never get out of the friend zone until you’re willing to make the first step.

I do that with every new game I get , I can sleep when I’m dead but I gotta know what heppen next or how it end ! :sweat_smile: