Must end in *goto or *finish

Hello I’ve been working on a storie for a while now around 15k words now, but i keep having this error.

It is illegal to fall in to an *else statement; you must *goto or *finish before the end of the indented block.

the error in question is in a fake choice which shouldn’t have to end in a goto right?

    #Start training.
        It's never to early to start training. You head to the training area after you grab some food.
        *set fitness + 4
        *set grace + 4
    #Ask ${worships} for guidance.
        *if worships = "Sospes"
            "I feel a great darkness up ahead, keep up your prayers and I will be able to help, for now accept a small blessing from me." Her voice leaves you. You head off to train.
            *set fitness + 3
            *set grace + 3
            *set devotion + 5
        *if worships = "Doctus"
            "I'm filled with unease, keep up your prayers, but I can't stop all things, have a blessing to help you along." His voice leaves your mind. You head off to train.
            *set fitness + 2
            *set grace + 2
            *set wisdom + 2
            *set devotion + 5
        *if worships = "Malum"
            "Death, I feel it looming near you, may my blessing protect you." Malum pauses. "Keep up the prayers my power grows." His voice leaves as quickly as it came. You head off to train.
            *set fitness + 2
            *set grace + 2
            *set intimidation + 2 
            *set devotion + 5
            *goto error
    *if race = "half elf" 
        #Practice magic.
            You head to the training area to train up your magic after a quick breakfast.
            *set magic + 8

any *goto errors were put in to try and fix the problem it didn’t though. So what does it want from me?

If you’re 100% confident that the player can only worship Sospes, Doctus or Malum, then you don’t need the else. If there are other possibilities not included there, however, then use if /elseif / else and a goto for each possibility (even if that means using choice instead of fake_choice and the gotos all going to the same label).


Ah of course that was the problem thank you so much.